Alpha Brain for Lucid Dreaming: Day 13

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Okay, so I had a wild experience last night. I took two alpha brain pills around 6PM and went to sleep a little after 9PM. I experimented with something new last night which is called a ramp timer. I used a YouTube video that was about 3 hours in length and the first 60 minutes is just silence. After the first hour there are beeping sounds that occur every 5 minutes. The idea is that this is to help you induce a lucid dream or astral projection. So, I thought I would give it a try.

Okay, so I was having a dream where I was in a hotel room lying in bed. In this dream I was also doing the ramp timer experiment. I was lying there, heard a sound go off and I started projecting out of my body. I only lifted a foot or so out of my body and then returned. I changed my sleeping position, tried going back to sleep and awaited the next sound to go off five minutes later. Eventually I thought to myself that it was taking too long and once I had that thought I launched out of my bed and started flying in the sky. I felt like was going very fast and I was surprised how long it was lasting because normally my previous experiences end quickly.

I’m not going to go into the entire dream experience, but at one point in my dream I was able to manifest a dream character, but the person that appeared was not who I was expecting, so I guess I was not specific enough. The interesting thing about this whole experience is that it was all a DREAM. In this dream I felt like I was having a real astral projection, but it was not. It wasn’t even a lucid dream because I didn’t have that moment in the dream where I was like, “Oh! I AM DREAMING!” But I did have a good degree of control in the dream. This explains some dreams that I have had in the past where I was not having a full on lucid dream but I was able to control aspects of the dream.

When I was waking up on my real bed I realized oh it wasn’t a real astral projection it was just a dream. It is kind of cool though because the feeling of projecting in the dream felt so real. I think it can almost help me prepare for future astral projections. So, with the combination of alpha brain, the ramp timer, meditation, reality checks and binaural beats – I have been able to have some pretty cool dream experiences. I have three more days left of experimenting with Alpha Brain. If I have any more experiences I will report back!


4/17/19 | AZ


5 Months of Dream Journaling: Dreaming about Lucid Dreaming

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Okay, so I have been keeping a dream journal for officially five months now. Wow! I am really happy I have been staying committed to this because I went from not remembering my dreams to now remembering numerous dreams each morning. Occasionally I wake up from sleep and don’t remember any of my dreams, but for the most part I am always remembering.

One thing I am beginning to notice is that I am starting to understand my dreams more, not all of them, but some. I can recall a dream and then understand what that dream is about and how it pertains to my waking life. As of lately, I am having conversations with other dream characters about lucid dreaming and astral projection. You would think that if I am having these conversations that I would become lucid after them, but in the past few nights – that has not been the case.

What I am learning is that this is a process; remembering your dreams, having vivid dreams, lucid dreams, having more consistent lucid dreams, sustaining the lucid dreams, etc. I am at a point where I can have lucid dreams, but just not as consistent or as long as I would like them to be. It is going to take time, but I am okay with that. I am enjoying the ride.

It’s fun waking up in the morning and realizing that I am making progress. Sure there are some mornings where I feel like I am stuck or going backwards, but I have realized when that happens it is usually because of stress or I am about to make a breakthrough in my dream space. It is funny because when I have a lucid dream, it is usually when I least expect it. When I am the most frustrated and just feel like I am ready to give up (which I won’t) that is usually when the lucid dream occurs. It is strange, but that has been my experience so far.

I love the inward journey. I believe that is really how you create change. By looking within and validating your truth, the negativity starts to fade away. With lucid dreaming, there is so much to explore. My excitement is through the roof!

Where are you at with your practice these days?


4/16/19  | AZ

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Havingness: Your ability to Have

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Your ability to have – let’s talk about it.

When I look at havingness, I see a direct link between raising your personal energy level and how much you can have in life. And I am not just talking about your havingness for safety or money, but your ability to have joy, to have great sex, to have love, to have a voice, to have a vision, to have a connection with your higher-self. When I heal my memories of the past, I free up my personal energy and therefore I raise my havingness. I can have a little bit more.

When you raise your havingness you light up the people around you. You are having more than you did before and maybe others were not able to do the same. This does two things: it either inspires people or it causes envy. None of which you are responsible for, but when you feel and see this, how will you react?

So you want to be able to have more in your life, right? Start taking a look at your memories. It may not be an easy or fun task, but if you can recall difficult memories where there is a lot of resistance or the energy is more dense and are able to heal from these memories, then you can raise your overall energy. That of course means raising your havingness. Now the big question is how do you heal from your memories? Two things I recommend when looking into past memories: 1) Neutrality. When you see a memory it will probably trigger you in some way. Check in with yourself and drop the negative emotions you are experiencing and let the judgments go. By doing this you are letting go of your resistance. This takes practice. 2) Forgiveness. It is the quickest way to clear karma and negative energy. If you look at forgiveness as a color – its gold. There are two options here. You can imagine the top of your head (crown chakra) glowing gold (forgiveness) or you can visualize lightly running forgiveness (gold color) through the memory to release the resistance and denser energies.

Your body runs best on your own energy. The more of your own energy you have available to you, the more you can CREATE in your life. You can have more. And again this doesn’t necessarily have to mean money and physical objects. It could just mean having better health or having a wonderful romantic relationship.

What level is your havingness at now? What is your full potential?

Find Your Freedom,


4/14/19 | AZ

Astral Projection vs Lucid Dreaming: Part III

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I am on a journey of growing, healing, changing and learning. And I have to say – I love it.    I am open to letting old ways of thinking go. I think you kind of have to be if you are going to be diving into lucid dreaming and astral projection. Your perception will evolve…

I have to be honest this is a work in progress. The way in which I am basing my thoughts around all of this are on; my own experiences, using my clairvoyance and listening to others in regards to their experiences. So, where am I at these days on my theory in regards to astral projection and lucid dreaming?

I think that with both lucid dreaming and astral projection you are having an out of body experience, however, with lucid dreaming you are having a dream while on the astral, whereas an astral projection you are just simply on the astral. With that said, this if the following list I have created that I think will impact your experience while out of body:

  1. Are you dreaming?
  2. How conscious are you?
  3. Are you a point of light or do you have a fully developed astral body?
  4. Where are you on the astral? (lower levels, higher levels)
  5. Have you gone beyond this life-time? (after-life)
  6. What aspect of your soul are you operating from? (reasoning self or the higher-self?)

If you take dreaming out of the equation, then majority of this list pertains to astral projection, but this list of questions, in my opinion, will definitely impact the type of out of body experience you are having.

As I look more at this clairvoyantly and have more experiences this list may or may not change. What are your thoughts on all of this?


4/13/19 | AZ

A Goal in Mind

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It has been one year since we have sold our dog walking business, one year since we have purchased our fifth wheel RV and it will be almost one year since we have been traveling in the United States. Wow. What a ride it has been. And to be honest we had something really great when we were living in Pennsylvania. We had a great apartment, great clients and a wonderful group of dogs we got to work with. But, there is a reason we moved on from all of that and the obvious answer to that is travel, but for me personally it was because the creator in me was ready to take a next step. And what a step that was…

My goal since we have been traveling was to work on our blog and YouTube channel. Along our journey I added a podcast. This growth period has all to do with being seen and being heard. I love entertaining people whether that is through music, comedy or short films, but I also love teaching. I have a lot of information to share in regards to meditation, clairvoyance and energy healing. Currently I am learning about lucid dreaming and astral projection and once I feel I have those down then I would love to teach those as well.

I have a goal in mind. A goal that seems impossible. A goal that when I achieve it, will be huge at the time, however, it won’t be the end. There will be more goals. Bigger goals. But for now, I have this goal in mind. A goal that seems impossible.

I like testing myself. I like the idea of dreaming big and feeling all that doubt and invalidation come rushing in. Trust me, that sounds weird and these negative energies frustrate me at times, but I turn that into motivation. The type of motivation that no matter what happens, it just keeps going. I think you have to be relentless. Whether it is a building a business, traveling like a hippie or building an audience, sometimes you got to tuck your chin and walk forward.

What I am excited about the most for this goal is the growth. Its also the most difficult aspect of this journey, but I do look forward to being seen and being heard. I have something to share with the world; I want to teach, inspire and make people laugh. Just got to keep moving forward 🙂


3/11/19 | AZ

Alpha Brain for Lucid Dreaming: 1 week

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Okay, so I have been taking Alpha Brain for about 1 week now. I have been experimenting with different times and how many pills I take (1-2). My dream recall has been very good and very early this morning was my first vivid dream while taking this supplement.  I have been keeping a dream journal now for almost 5 months and after typing in my journal I have come to realize that this mornings journal entry has been the longest one yet.

It is hard to tell whether or not this is just part of my natural progression of dreaming and dream recall or it is the supplement doing its work. I have a feeling it is both. I’m not sure what other peoples experiences are, but aside from the experiencing good dream recall immediately, it has taken one full week to have a really vivid dream. My vivid dream though was more like a vivid nightmare, which is unusual for me because in the past 5 months I can only recall having like one nightmare. I don’t think it had anything to do with the supplement but more to do with some of the stress I have felt in the past few days.

My nightmare though wasn’t a typical nightmare. It started off normal, then turned into a nightmare and then ended on a positive and surprising note. In the past if I had a nightmare, the whole thing was just bad. So this one was very different. This is also my first dreaming experience in the past 5 months where after I woke up and started writing down the dream, I had an epiphany. I actually understood the dream and I think that is because it was a very full dream and I could recall it mostly from start to finish. Most of my dreams are just very strange and don’t make much sense or at least the meaning isn’t very clear to me. This nightmare / dream was very different in that regard.

I don’t know how many pills i have left, but I will just continue taking them and report back what I notice. I still meditate and do reality checks daily to help to have a higher chance of having a lucid dream, so we shall see…


4/11/19 | AZ

Free Psychic Reading on Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection

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Okay to celebrate reaching 100 subscribers on the blog I would like give a free psychic reading on Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection.

To qualify for this free reading you have to be subscribed to this blog site and will need to leave a comment on this particular blog.  I will pick one subscriber on April 17th, 2019.

The psychic reading will be done over the phone and will follow this format:





Astral Body

Astral Aura

Pineal Gland: 

Pain Sheath (where the astral body rests in the physical body)

3rd chakra connection between astral & physical body

7th chakra connection between astral & Physical body

Hypnagogic State: 

Hypnopompic State: 

Vibrational State: 

Sleep Paralysis: 

Having Quality Sleep: 

Astral Projection

Lucid Dreaming

the creation of a dream

Natural Ending of a dream

Dissolving a lucid dream

Out of Body Abilities:

Sustaining a Lucid Dream or Astral Projection: 

Having more consistent Lucid Dreams or OOBE’s: 

Dream Recall: 

What do you do on the various levels of the astral and beyond?

Your relationship to your higher-self while dreaming: 

Your Relationship to your higher-self while having an OOBE: 

Interacting / communicating with other beings on the astral: 

Goodluck 🙂