Pursuit of your TRUTH

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Whether you like it or not, you are programmed. Your family, friends, school, the church, the community you were born into – they all play apart of it. For some, it’s not problem at all, maybe the programming works just fine for them, but for others, it may not.

Programming is simply energy inside of you that dictates how you provide for yourself, the emotional range you can tap into, permission levels for your male and female energy,   how much you can be seen, how you can communicate, how clearly you can see and how much access to your truth you can have. If your spirit is shut down, then it becomes very difficult to override the programming within you. And having programming within yourself is very natural, in fact we need it to survive, but as we become adults and start to determine our path in life, well, it becomes a critical moment to decide whether or not your programming works for you.

When you start to open up your crown chakra, you begin to tap into your ability to know yourself and your truth. From there you embark on a spiritual journey discovering who you are and why you are here. That process is different for everyone and even once you seem to have things figured out, you still have to find a way to implement your truth into your life. This all takes time.

Aside from opening up my crown charka, something else that really helped me and still does, is owning my clairvoyance. During my prominent time of self discovery, having my vision turned on really helped me gain certainty regarding my identity and truth. Also when you happen to already have a good sense of yourself, having your clairvoyance on can be helpful when you are struggling to make your truth senior. In other words, when you are failing, being able to see through the thick energy you’re handling can keep you motivated and strong.

The more you embrace your truth, the more you stick out. Your unique energy begins to shine. You are no longer matched in with everyone else. It can feel weird. Being matched in with the crowd is safe so to speak, but that is not to say that you can’t find safety in your own truth. Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you headed?



A Self Tour of Valley Forge

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Over Thanksgiving weekend the weather was a little warmer and we were itching to go on an adventure so we decided to go visit Valley Forge Historic Park. Andrew had grown up in the area and never went. I have lived here almost 2 years and still hadn’t gone. When I go to historic sites I like to go on a tour of some sort so I can get a loads of information. Andrew likes to go on his own and go at his own pace. We compromised and grabbed maps and a cell phone tour paper. They provided a number to dial and then you put in the number of the place you are at and they play recorded information.

So the Tour began. There were 9 stopping spots of interest.

1.Visitor Center

We stopped in at the visitor center first thing and looked at a lot of artifacts. They had a small theater that played a 20 minute video about the Continental Army’s winter at Valley Forge. Also, inside the visitor center there were these props for pictures. Of course we took pictures.



2. The Muhlenberg Brigade: Log City

This was my favorite spot we stopped. We got to see the living conditions of the continental army. It was very sobering to think of surviving a harsh winter living within a small cabin with 6-12 men.


3. National Memorial Arch

The arch was built in 1996 by the Freemasons. They wanted to demonstrate that the Freemasons of today care about freedom just as much as our forefathers. This was really beautiful to see.


4. General Wayne Statue

He played a huge roll and aided George Washington in leadership.


5. Washington’s Headquarters

This one made me so happy. They had the rooms set up to be like it would have been back then. When we looked into George Washington’s office I knew he felt so much guilt from not being able to get supplies to his troops. He would send out constant correspondence to New York to get supplies.

The hand rail in the house is the original one. It was really cool to walk up the stairs and know you were touching the same rail as George Washington did. Side note: when I was 17 I went to Washington DC for a week and toured Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home) I walked up the back stairs and touched the hand rail there that was the original as well. So there have been 2 places that I have touched that George Washington did.


6. Redoubt 3

I didn’t get a picture of this but you can see what it looks like in our video (like will be at the end of this list). It’s basically hills built up in the shape of a square so the men can have cover from all sides.

7. Artillery Park

This is the spot where they trained the men to be more disciplined on the battlefield.

8. Varnum’s Quarters

We didn’t get to go inside of this one or see the statue there, it was closed for renovations.

9. Washington Memorial Chapel

The Chapel was so beautiful. You can see the quality craftsmanship that went into it. When we walked in our jaws dropped. The pictures don’t do it justice. Please check out our video for a closer look at everything. The Chapel is not associated with the park so the cost of the upkeep is based on donations.




Here is the video: ENJOY, we did!!!

Plaid Loom Knit Bun Hat

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Recently I have been obsessed with knitting and crocheting plaid winter wear. My sister-in-law wanted a bun hat so I found a pattern, used the camo yarn she gave me and got started. I was surprised that I liked the bun hat. Last year everyone was obsessed with the messing bun hats. Long story short I decided to knit a green plaid bun hat. I wanted the whole to be elastic so I could do a pony tail or a bun without having a huge hole all the time.

You will need:

  • 3 colors of yarn – Black, Dark Green, and Light Green (Dark color and light color if you want to do a different color).
  • Scissors
  • 36 peg loom
  • loom knitting hook
  • needle and thread
  • small elastic
  • safety-pin


I doubled up the yarn as I knit so that I was holding two strands of yarn at once.

Rounds (rows) 1-8 Knit 2, Pearl 2 black


Rounds (rows) 9-12 Knit 2 black yarn, knit 2 dark green (alternating between the two colors all the way around)



Rounds (rows) 13-16 Knit 2 dark green yarn, knit 2 light green (alternating between the two colors all the way around)


Repeat rounds 9-16



To make the top of the hat elastic I took a piece of small elastic I had in my craft stuff. I cut it to be the size of a hair tie. It was white, when I make my next one I will make sure to have black elastic. IMG_2337.JPG

To bind off I took the loops off the pegs and then would thread the elastic through them. After I threaded through all the loops I took a needle and thread and sewed the ends together.IMG_2338.JPG

Make sure all your ends are tied off and then tada you have a plaid bun hat.

Let me know what you think of my pattern.


Our 1st Vegan Thanksgiving

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We became vegan July of this year so we have not perfected the holidays yet but I made a solid effort to make it delicious without Turkey. I talked with a friend a week beforehand and she asked me what I was going to do. Honestly, I was still planning and wasn’t 100% sure. haha (nervous laugh)

My sister-in-law made a 7 layer bean dip and it was amazing!!! She changed out the sour cream and shredded cheese with vegan sour cream and vegan shredded cheese.


For the main course I found this recipe for a Lentil Puff Pastry Loaf. I couldn’t find Puff Pastry at my local store so I used pizza crust which worked out really well. I followed the rest of the recipe to the letter.


Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 8.17.41 PM.jpeg

It’s not Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes. That was easy. My mother in law peeled 7 russet potatoes, chopped them up and then boiled them till fully cooked. She then took a hand-held mixer and “mashed” them up with almond milk. The amount of milk depends on your desired thickness if you want to duplicate the recipe.

For veggies I just bought a large bag of frozen mixed veggies. Very easy, probably considered cheating I know but I loved that is was easy.

I love love love Green Bean Casserole. I found this recipe for a vegan green bean casserole. The only thing I changed was that I used french fried onion instead of baking real onion for the toppings.


For rolls we used Pillsbury Crescent rolls.

For dessert I baked an apple pie and vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. Now the pie I really cheated and made it easy. I bought Pillsbury Pie Crust and used canned apple pie filing. I love this recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies.


Here is the video we made of our first vegan Thanksgiving.

Everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner, it was a vegan feast success. Pintrest is my best friend when it comes to planning vegan meals. Here is my board of most of my recipes that I use.



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You may not be where you want to be. You may not be able to do the thing you want so badly. Perhaps you have not become the person you want to become. Can you accept who you are and where you are currently at in your life? I know I struggle with this at times, but when I finally do just accept the current conditions of my life, everything becomes easier. No more denial, no more fighting – its only forward progress from there.

Ideas have always been easy for me, but patience and execution have not been. Launching my first successful business really taught me what happens when I take an idea and really commit to it. When my wife and I moved to Pennsylvania, I was determined to be my own boss. I have worked many jobs throughout my life by that point and I knew that it was time to just take the leap of faith and be an entrepreneur. It only took us eight months to be able to survive off the business and after almost two full years we have finally shaped it the way that works best for us. It took a lot of hard work and learning from mistakes that we had made.

On a spiritual level, when you are able to find the center of your head, a place of neutrality, and can clearly see yourself and release your judgement and resistance, then you are finding acceptance. Sometimes we are not meeting the expectations of others or even ourselves. When you let that go, you free up your energy to move forward. Resistance will only slow you down.

Acceptance can be one of the most difficult things to achieve, especially when its regarding a very charged memory. Maybe there is trauma or you just had a very bad experience and it can certainly take time find neutrality with it all, but when you find acceptance, you are freeing up your energy and you are no longer being a victim. You are no longer allow your memory to control you. With neutrality and acceptance, you begin to reclaim your personal power!

You are dealt a hand of cards and you go through life having experiences, both good and bad. There will be times you will get stuck and often those are the times that require the most acceptance. It’s not easy and it may not be fun, but it will allow you to release and move on. Just because you have had negative experiences or dealt a bad hand of cards at birth doesn’t mean you have to let that dictate the rest of your life. By accepting everything as it is, you are free to move forward, but the question is, what will you move forward to? It may have nothing to do with the cards you were offered in the beginning of your life. Perhaps you go off and create a life for yourself. A life that even surprises you! 🙂


Being Yourself

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It has always been difficult for me to feel like I could just be myself. Through years of self-discovery I have gained certainty on just how weird and unique I really am. I’m a psychic teacher, an artist and an entrepreneur. This is who I am and how I strive to earn a living. I’m just at a point in my life where I can no longer do what I am supposed to. I HAVE to do what I LOVE.

In this world it is not always an easy path for those who want to be their own bosses, teach meditation classes and earn a living as a creative. I suppose my road is difficult, but I would not have it any other way. This is who I am and I love my identity.

I remember a time when it was incredibly easy to be myself. It was a time when I was modeling and learning to be an actor. I wasn’t afraid of being seen or being heard. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it. I felt comfortable. I want that back and the only way I will get that back is by allowing myself to be seen and heard again. Whether it is teaching classes, playing music, doing stand-up comedy or writing – I just need to put myself out there. The issue with putting yourself out there is that you can be judged. I go through periods where I don’t really resist judgement and its easy for me to take risks and then there are other times where I am just burnt out on failure.

I love the path of an artist. It is messy and far from perfect. It doesn’t make any damn sense. It’s the experiences we have that drive us to create. Musicians write songs about heartache, comedians bring light to darkness, painters paint how they are feeling and writers write stories weaving their truth with fiction. The more experiences we have, the more we create. It’s not about how many books we have read or how many classes we have taken or how perfect of a life we have lived, it is about the realness of life. Its the moments we were able to be present, for better or worse and how we felt at the time.

Sometimes it takes courage to be yourself. Others may not understand you. People tend to be afraid of what they don’t understand. It is easier to reject something you don’t understand. However you are different, just embrace it. I’m the kind of guy that loves getting tattoos, having a mohawk with feathers in his hair and listens to metal. I also love to meditate, write poetry and ponder new business ideas. I don’t exactly make sense. I notice that when I am expressing myself, that is when I am the happiest. I loved doing stand-up comedy for the short period that I did it. I felt free to say whatever I wanted. I think that is why I love writing. I get to say what I want. If people like it great and if they don’t – oh well.

We are all unique in our own way. It is what makes living on this planet so much fun. I think it would be kind of boring if everyone was the same. The more you embrace your unique qualities, the more you shine. So go ahead – shine on!


Growth Period

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I recall those nights in my first Chicago apartment, where I experienced tremendous growth. I dropped out of art school and focused one hundred percent of my energy on clairvoyant training. I was learning, growing, changing, healing and discovering. It was powerful and it was intense. The moment you make a change in spirit, you enter what is called a growth period. During a growth period, your body is catching up to your spirit. It can be uncomfortable, but very rewarding.


When I needed to get away, the lake is where I headed. I loved the city, but sometimes with the chaos that it hosts and the change I was experiencing within me, the healing energy of the lake was needed. Luckily, Montrose beach was just a short walk from the apartment. I shared it with two of my friends, Ryan and Amanda. Ryan was also going through clairvoyant training with me. For those that don’t know what clairvoyant training is, it is a year long intensive training where you are learning how to not only read energy, but align yourself to your dreams. Ryan and I would help each other get through the growth periods by going out and eating a lot of Thai food, listening to music, watching comedy films and partying.

During growth periods I tend to feel alone, not necessarily lonely, but I like to use the time to express myself creatively. That tends to be the most helpful way of getting through the growth. Our teacher would always recommend eating the food your body needed, sex, sleep and exercise.

I remember after finishing up an aura reading and saying how crappy the growth periods were. I wasn’t lying, they often didn’t feel the greatest, but what he told me was that I was growing toward my dreams. Once I heard that it changed the way I viewed growth periods. To give you an example of a growth period a simple one would be the time it takes to learn a new editing software for film. It can be a complete pain in the ass, but once you have figured it out its rewarding in the end. The growth periods I am personally referring to are more to do with the stepping stones that lead me to my dream.


I have always had big dreams. Essentially, I just want to be a traveling artist. I love making music, comedy videos, poetry, short stories and so much more. Most people tend to stop growing around the age of twenty-five. We tend to go to college, get a job, get married, have children and go on the typical vacations. For most, that works just fine. For me, I thrive in the unknown. I thrive in movement and change. Its exciting because I enjoy learning.

The growth periods only get bigger. You wouldn’t climb the same mountain, you move on to the next one that is bigger and scarier. Each peak is an opportunity to embrace your accomplishment. You can see where you came from, where you are and where you are headed. Strength is earned at each peak. I love growth, do you? How are you growing and changing?

Keep it rockin