Plaid Loom Knit Bun Hat

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Recently I have been obsessed with knitting and crocheting plaid winter wear. My sister-in-law wanted a bun hat so I found a pattern, used the camo yarn she gave me and got started. I was surprised that I liked the bun hat. Last year everyone was obsessed with the messing bun hats. Long story short I decided to knit a green plaid bun hat. I wanted the whole to be elastic so I could do a pony tail or a bun without having a huge hole all the time.

You will need:

  • 3 colors of yarn – Black, Dark Green, and Light Green (Dark color and light color if you want to do a different color).
  • Scissors
  • 36 peg loom
  • loom knitting hook
  • needle and thread
  • small elastic
  • safety-pin


I doubled up the yarn as I knit so that I was holding two strands of yarn at once.

Rounds (rows) 1-8 Knit 2, Pearl 2 black


Rounds (rows) 9-12 Knit 2 black yarn, knit 2 dark green (alternating between the two colors all the way around)



Rounds (rows) 13-16 Knit 2 dark green yarn, knit 2 light green (alternating between the two colors all the way around)


Repeat rounds 9-16



To make the top of the hat elastic I took a piece of small elastic I had in my craft stuff. I cut it to be the size of a hair tie. It was white, when I make my next one I will make sure to have black elastic. IMG_2337.JPG

To bind off I took the loops off the pegs and then would thread the elastic through them. After I threaded through all the loops I took a needle and thread and sewed the ends together.IMG_2338.JPG

Make sure all your ends are tied off and then tada you have a plaid bun hat.

Let me know what you think of my pattern.


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