the Door to Me

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I don’t want to be closed off, I’ll take these energetic clothes off

What if you saw me not ordinary, not quiet?

A performer, a filmmaker, a poet

When will the fear fall to the ground?

When will I have the courage, to stand my ground?

To feel real, to find the moment, the time is now

Swept away by worry, I’m not sorry

For the knife I drive in such boring plans

For the knife I pull from my heart

the door to me must open now

its time to feel, its time to be seen

Judgement will be there, and all his friends

But I find strength here on the mend

This here is no dead end

This here is the beginning

And I’ll be swimming in the love I have for this world

For the love I have for this world



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Dance with you, dance with me

A change in the heart, so soul meets body

And what might I experience differently?

the sound of love vibrating around me

Dance with you, dance with me

and I can see clearly

same nose, stronger sense of smell

Have I fallen from above? Oh well…

The ground I feel, at my feet and in my hands

Today I stand, a different kind of man

Dance with you, dance with me

Deep wounds, do they bleed

What is this bridge, but a real pulse

This here is what I need

Dance with you, dance with me

Might I experience the drive that takes me

All the way home to believe

There is no time like the present

And a present it is indeed.


the Ascent

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A poem by Andrew Fritz.

Climb and climb until I stop to whine and dine

Will my sorrow spill out to only rise and drown me out?

Days can be cold, so my bones have told, but so has my soul

Will my courage silence the doubt?

At what age will I have it all figured out?

I climb and I climb and there are days I feel fine

The sun burning the darkness away

I wonder how long it will take to reach the peak

But certainly not today

What awaits for me above?

A new perspective, strength and love

A chance to scream my name from the mountaintop

A chance to see where I came from

And a chance to see where I’m headed

But most importantly, to feel the moment, as I stand solid

As I stand on my own two feet, yet again.

Getting Safe, Getting Grounded

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Along my spiritual journey I have come to understand the importance of grounding. What is grounding?

Grounding is a connection from your 1st chakra (root chakra) all the way to the center of the earth. Being grounding not only gets your body safe, but it is also a way for you to release negative energy.  Here is a link to a free video where I teach grounding.

Without safety it is difficult to build and shape an authentic life. When I was homeless in California for three months, even though I didn’t have my own home to go to, I did have various shelters I could go to. I did have ways access food and water. While the quality of my safety and survival was not very good, my basic needs were met. Due to having minimal to no responsibility, I was able to experience a great deal of freedom. My goal is to retain that, just with a stronger and healthier grounding.

There were actually times when I did have my own apartment, but failed to keep a job and because of that, fear and anxiety really took over. I felt less safe during that time period then when I was homeless in California. Of course, there are many emotions when first becoming homeless, however, once you get used to it, it really isn’t that bad.

As a clairvoyant I can see different types of grounding cords. Does this person ground themselves or are they somehow dependent upon someone else? Does this person live and stay one one general place? Do they have a home base and travel? Do they travel full-time? Is this person very independent? Is this person a multi-millionaire? It is easy to tell how a person lives from their grounding.

Our grounding may shift in vibration when doing different types of activities; work, travel, creative projects, etc. What happens though, if you transform your grounding? What happens if your roots wither away and a new way grounding is created? The idea of this may be frightening, but for me it is incredibly exciting. I love transformation.

What if a new way grounding meant feeling more real? What if a new way of grounding meant being seen? What if a new way grounding meant a whole new way of communicating?

Just because you have your grounding set, does not mean it may never change, but when you do have your grounding the way you want, you can begin to build and shape your life. When your foundation is solid, you feel safe and have a general degree of certainty. Then it becomes easier to focus on other aspects of your life. When you are safe, you have more permission to have your abilities turned on. What abilities? Your ability to be seen, to be heard, to speak well, to have love…

You get the picture…

Get safe, be real.


Fate vs Destiny

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Have you come across this image before? The classic fork in the road… We have all heard the phrase ‘road less traveled.’ What is the road less traveled? Does anyone actually take it? The way I see it, when you stand at that fork and you look down the road that seems exciting and terrifying – that is the road less traveled. That is your destiny.

Fate. It is simple, it easy, it is already laid about before you. For some, people take this route all the time and it works out just fine. There may be some that take it and realize, it isn’t really any fun or fulfilling, but are afraid to cut across the field to get to the “road less traveled.”

Destiny is filled with your dreams and a route created by you that aligns with your purpose. It is not always easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. Walking down the path to your destiny is a path that involves growth, healing and change. It is a path where you walk into the unknown and may even manage to surprise yourself in the best way possible.

Your destiny is not the same as any other person, but it may be similar. Just they way our unique energy may be similar others, it is not the exact same as anyone else. Your destiny is a reflection of your immortal self. Your heart will be lit up with affinity when you direct yourself down the road less traveled.

Sit down, close your eyes and bring your attention and awareness back behind your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in and get comfortable. Ask yourself this question: Why am I here? Allow your mind to be open and let a mental image picture appear in front of you. If you see a picture and it seems authentic and it makes you feel very excited and happy then hold that image, refrain from judging it and soak up the information. This is the type of picture you want to act on. If you see an image that does not seem authentic to you and does not get your excited, it is probably not your energy and you may have to explode the image and try this exercise again. Don’t fret if you don’t get it on your first try.

I have seen many dreams in meditation. I have also seen performances and films that have greatly inspired me and made me think – wow, what if I did that!? When I saw the film Into the Wild, I was blown away.  I couldn’t believe someone could just say fuck it and wander the united states. Unfortunately, in the end it didn’t end well for him, but I do believe he had more experiences than most that live to old age. To me, that was someone who really lived. I would like to do the same, but just live longer…

Of course, taking the road less traveled doesn’t always mean it will be this extreme experience. It is different for everyone. Where are you at in your life? Are you traveling down the path of fate? Does it work for you? Do you want to tap into your destiny? Are you already on the road less traveled? How has it been so far?

Wherever you are in life, remember there will always be opportunities to choose your truth. It’s up to you.


What lies beneath

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We all handle energy. As a clairvoyant, I can see it, but I can also see what lies beneath it. The real magic in a reading is to cut through the bullshit and find that persons unique energy. At the end of the day it is up to that person to interpret the information you present them because in a reading, a good psychic will not judge, they will look at options and see what they look like.

I love doing energy work and readings. I get answers for myself and I get to help someone. It’s a great feeling and of course it is rewarding to earn an income from it. I have a small dog walking business and to be honest, making money as a psychic feels more powerful then earning money as a dog walker. Don’t get me wrong, they are both rewarding, but it’s a completely different feeling. The only thing I think that could top this feeling would be earning money as an artist. Time will tell…

We can easily go through our life thinking we act certain ways because that is simply just us, despite if we don’t even like it. Actually, it is possibly you could just be running on an energy that isn’t yours. It can be shocking and also a relief to realize that you might not be running on your energy. The leaves the question, what is my energy? That is when you embark on a spiritual journey.

The spiritual journey isn’t so much about going outward, but it is more about looking within. You have this vast internal landscape that is incredibly profound. Are you feeling stuck? Maybe there is healing to be done. Do you not have a good sense of who you are? Perhaps looking inward to discover more about yourself can be helpful. Despite going through multiple years of self discovery and healing I still continue to heal and I still find opportunities to learn more about myself.

I love learning, growing, healing and having new experiences. Once we start to make sense of our experiences, we gain wisdom. This is what you take with you from one life to the next. I’ll take new experiences over having a bunch of stuff any day.

What is your energy like? If you were going to write a book and you were the main character and anything was possible, how would your character make money? What would happiness be like? What would you spend most of your time doing? Who would you be? What group of people would you connect to? How would you express yourself? With your energy, how does that change things?

If you dig a little deeper, you will always find your energy fighting to overcome and move. If you can find it and if you can see it – you validate it. More of your energy becomes available to you. What will do you with it?


Every Shade of Green

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A poem by Andrew Fritz.

When your world is green and the train is moving, may your sorrow spill beneath you and your gold sun emerge.

Every shade of green flickering inside of you, what might you become? What lies ahead?

Rest in peace to the old skin that you shed.

Do you believe, now that the wheels have turned? The guilt and fear that have held you back, slowly wither away and burn.

Although just a small increase in speed, feel the spark of freedom as the invalidation bleeds.

What crisp air and the warmth of the sun, enjoy it now for there will be another dark day to come.

The key is forward. Whether you fight or find center, walls will fall, might you feel like a god so tall and strong.

Every shade of green, flickering inside of you – what will heal, what will change?

When your world is green and you are standing still, the landscape within, moving to fulfill.