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I’m the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit.

It took a while to sink in, but I am no good at being an employee. I do, however, have confidence at being a boss. I don’t do well staying in one place for too long. I like to move around. Having one way of expressing myself, well, that won’t ever work. I get bored too easily. I like utilizing different ways of expressing my thoughts and feelings.

Telling people that you have this knowing, this intuition that you are meant to do something different, something extraordinary – most don’t relate. When you tell people that you have dreams of running businesses, performing on stages, making movies, creating music, traveling, teaching, doing motivational speeches – most don’t believe you.

I don’t believe I am better than anyone, I just have a strong awareness of who I am and what I love. And because I have struggled over the years as an artist, I also have a strong awareness of what doesn’t work.

I think even if someone is misunderstood, as long as they are in their element, they can thrive. It’s when they are not in their zone, that is when things can go down hill. It takes tremendous strength embracing your unique qualities. You no longer can hide. You no longer match in with everyone else. Suddenly, you are different. Suddenly, you are weird.

I am shifting my perspective to working on things that work in my life opposed to focusing on the things that don’t work. In other words it’s time to step out of resistance and take a risk, yet again. I know I can fail at just about anything in life, but I rather fail at the things I love rather than fail at things that don’t even work for me.

I can create movies, music and comedy skits all in my head. The ideas, the images, the sounds, I can see and hear it all before I even pick up an instrument or touch a camera. That’s kind of strange, don’t you think? I can read auras and give energy healings. That is really weird isn’t it? This is my world. This is what I am good at. To others, it may all seem crazy.

I’m the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit. And maybe… that’s okay.



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What will it feel like? To break through the wall, that is unbreakable…

The wall of limitation, the wall that speaks to me saying, “dreams aren’t real.”

When the wound has healed and it’s time to pull the last staple

We live not to just know our dreams, but to bring them down and feel

So may your power not be over others, because oh brothers…

The power to transform your life may be the single greatest thing you can do

Which will not only send a ripple through your own aura, but the Earths aura too

For when you embrace your soul totality and ground, it may affect more than you

Living in your heart and representing your truth

You will be the inspiration for others to be themselves

And wouldn’t that be a great accomplishment?

Opposed to the trophy collecting dust on the shelf

A breakthrough for me, a breakthrough for you

What will it feel like? To breakthrough…


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You have an idea, but then you think, nah, that’s not possible for me. Only the lucky few are capable of achieving something like this. There’s no point in trying…

If you don’t even believe in your dream and don’t believe in yourself, how will you go on to achieve what you desire? It’s easy to get discouraged by competition, fear, the magnitude of the dream, anxiety, judgement, rejection, etc. I always think that talent and luck can be factors in accomplishing goals, but I also think that those who are persistent will inevitably break through the wall. What is this wall you speak of? Well, in simple terms, its the energy between you and your dream.

I remember a long time ago I was at a recruiters office for some military branch and they asked my friend and I if we thought leadership was something that could be learned or if it was something that someone just had within them. I think I recall saying that I believed that leaders were just born with that quality and I still believe that, but at the same time, I do think that anything can be learned.

For example, some people can just pick up an instrument and just play, while others it takes a long time to get good at it. That doesn’t mean that the person who isn’t a natural can’t ever become as good or better of a musician than the other person. The point I am trying to make here is that, we all may have ideas in our heads that excite our hearts, but we don’t even give a real chance because we don’t think it is possible. It’s only for the lucky few right? I call bullshit. If you can day dream about what you really want to do -Nike that shit. Just do it. Most likely you will suck at first. Keep the train on the tracks and eventually you will hit a wall. It will feel like the end of the world. Keep moving forward and that wall will give. It tends to get worse before it gets really good sometimes. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dream. You drink water and eat food to satisfy the needs of your body. What about your soul?




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‚ÄčEverything in the universe is energy. For a psychic, there are various ways to perceive energy. You can feel energy, hear energy, see energy and know energy. I went to a psychic school where I focused on turning on and developing my clairvoyance. It is the ability to see yourself, the world and others with clarity and neutrality. When I am working with this ability, I can see color, symbols and mental image pictures. My job is to describe what I see and read the overall energy. One of my favorite types of readings is an aura reading. An aura reading is a spiritual hello in present time. Sure, a psychic can read the past, present and future, however, because we have free will and energy changes, I do not make predictions. I don’t want to program anyone. Well, what is the point of getting a reading then? Typically most people desire readings when they are going through a transition. In an aura reading, I read the seven layers of the aura. Each layer represents a certain aspect of your life. Your aura is your personal bubble, it is your reality. So, when I do a reading I look at mental image pictures, describe them and read the overall energy. It is up to you to interpret what I am describing.

The beauty of clairvoyance is that it gives me the ability to be neutral in a reading. While there are other ways of performing readings, when a clairvoyant is grounded and centered, they have the ability to find neutrality. Another way to describe neutrality is non-judgment. When I do a reading I am not going to say this is good or bad, I am just going to describe my vision and read the energy. With that said, I also refrain from giving advice. My job as a clairvoyant isn’t to tell you what to do, it is simply to provide you with more clarity, so then you can make a better decision or be more informed about what is happening in your life.

At the psychic school I went to I took the following classes; meditation, advanced meditation, kundalini, energy healing 1 & 2, clairvoyant training 1 & 2, Men’s training, Spiritual Autonomy and Teacher training 1. I had the privilege to not only work on healing myself, but learning who I am and what I am capable of. I have been doing energy work and readings for ten years now and I also teach meditation. As a psychic I enjoy finding your energy. Sure, we all handle negative energy, but the real fun and miracle with psychic readings is looking what is beneath. ¬†What is your energy like? How are you growing and changing? I like to keep it fun, straight forward, professional and clean. I may not have the winning lottery numbers, or know when you are going to meet the love of your life, but I can say hello to you spiritually and see what is going on now. The present moment is where the magic is at anyway, right?

In my Heart

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There comes a point in your life, when you just had enough. You are done living a certain way and are ready to move on. That is where I’m at. I’m ready to open my heart and return to it. I’m ready to be myself, be excited and live the life style that best suits me; teaching meditation, creating content on youtube (music, vlogs, comedy), writing and traveling. There is nothing really else I want to do, and that scares me…

I have no desire whatsoever to work for other people nor do I have a desire to live in just one place. I am at my best when I work for myself and traveling. It is time to finally do it. I have always dreamt of moving around the country, being my own boss and making art. This is who I am and what I love. The days of doing what I am “suppose to” are coming to an end. It is terrifying because if I no longer have it in me to live the way I have been for quite some time, what happens?

I have narrowed it down regarding what I want to do at this point in my life. All thats left is really just taking a risk. Risk taking is something that I’m familiar with. It is not new to me, but with each risk I take, they always seem to be bigger than the one before. What if I fail? I don’t care. I am determined. As everything is coming to an end I feel my motivation and drive increasing. They only thing I can do is drive towards is my affinity. In a weird way it feels like I’m starting a brand new life.

I’m thirty-three. I’m not young, nor am I old, but I do know that life is precious. I’m not going to waste any more time. I’m ready to be on the road, embracing my independence and creativity. I can feel a massive change happening inside of me. It’s scary and its incredibly exciting. The care free spirit that I am is on the return and I feel happy.