Southwest Vibes

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Yesterday we saw Albuquerque for the first time and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The energy out here is very different. It reminds me a little of California but definitely not the same. I love how open it is out here, yet there are still mountains. We got to hang out with friends, go to dinner and see some of the city. The part that we saw had a very artsy 50’s feel to it. You could almost imagine all the classic muscle cars cruising down the strip. 


Life is interesting, especially now. Running a dog walking business can be certainly unpredictable, however, for the most part we had a routine and usually knew what to expect. The way we live now, you just never know. Sometimes it can be terrifying, but it can also be incredible wonderful. I feel more alive and this is exactly what I was wanting. 


I love traveling because we get to not only meet new people, but also see friends whom we haven’t seen in a long time. I love being able to explore new places. We definitely want to see more of Albuquerque, check out the white sands, and go hiking. I am really enjoying the lack of humidity out here. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since we hit the road. The mountains definitely make us happy. We haven’t been around the mountains since we have lived in Colorado. Despite how desolate the town we are currently at is, I am excited to explore the surrounding areas. So far I am digging the southwest vibes 🙂

Find Your Freedom,


9.24.18 | NM


Blow the Fuck UP

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it still amazes me, the energy
going from self-doubt to supreme confidence 
Man, when I’m running my male energy – I feel like a god
Core Pictures in the scope, if I pull the trigger will I die?
Nah underneath is my energy, I run it, it makes me feel high
I won’t tolerate these lies, stimulated and all goes to hell
Is this how far I need to fall to dance in hell, well…
Underneath I guess I’m just a bad man
I seem to disappoint everyone, I’m following my own plan
That I don’t seem to have, fuck it I’d rather be in the moment
I don’t like being mild, my business is souls gone wild
Its not business as usual, I know I’m little unusual 
But I’m just being me, free spirit, ain’t no other way to be
The tiger in my heart can’t be caged 
Too much control it’s just going to be rage

I got too many things to say to be silent
Time to open up to avoid the violence
Don’t be scared, you’re human too
If your gift was stripped, you’d be angry too
All I can do is keep it real
Here are my thoughts, this is the way I feel

Look heres the deal
I’m a songwriter at heart, but I never got a start
Too late, too old
Fuck society and its rules
I’m wise, I’m bold
Time to light this fuse
And blow the fuck up
Who the fuck am I kidding?
I’m still the same old fuck up
But I know I can reel in this dream
This life is strange, it’s as crazy as it seems
There ain’t no question, this is just what I got to do
For myself and all the people that feel like there is no use
Let me tell you, ya just gotta get out there and just do
Not for anyone else man, but for you
It’s time to write your own story, this is your life
Get up off the mat, it’s time to stand up and fight

I got too many things to say to be silent
Time to open up to avoid the violence
Don’t be scared, you’re human too
If your gift was stripped, you’d be angry too
All I can do is keep it real
Here are my thoughts, this is the way I feel

It’s time to wake up behind the wheel 
My mouth is a firearm, I’m fire
Maybe it’s time to be alarmed 
I’m alarming, sirens going off, it’s storming
Bullets raining, I’m spitting lyrics, this is a warning
I want the world the hear it
I gotta get this thing off my neck 
Tone yourself down, fuck it
I’m burning away all the pain
So my spirit can return
So I can return to sane
I got skills to build a castle 
I’ll be a king, it’s time to reign

I got too many things to say to be silent
Time to open up to avoid the violence
Don’t be scared, you’re human too
If your gift was stripped, you’d be angry too
All I can do is keep it real
Here are my thoughts, this is the way I feel


What it means to be alive

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On the edge I feel scared, I feel free

I can see absolutely everything

The height of feeling alive

Not many seem to understand why

I feel safe out on the tightrope 

The risk is what makes me feel high

I will take these moments over the mundane

I enjoy life, living in the fast lane

Call me lazy, call me crazy

But I’m wild, I’m free

This path I’m on amazes me

My cat, my dog, my wife

Living such a different life

I will take the rainy days 

Because when the sun comes out

I know and I feel, what it means to be alive


Missouri to New Mexico

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Well, we made it. We are currently in a small town about an hour outside of Albuquerque, NM. We wanted to be closer to Albuquerque, however, due to the hot air balloon festival, there were not many options. I am excited to see the hot air balloons in October though. 

We left Missouri and stayed in Kansas for a night, then headed to Amarillo, Texas. The entire road trip from Missouri to New Mexico was really smooth. Most of the land was very flat. We finally figured out how to keep our cat Thor calm and happy during our travel days. We setup a basket for him to sleep in up front with us. I think that makes him feel safe.

The area we are in is pretty desolate. We pulled up to the RV park and the lot was almost empty, so the lady at the front desk let us pick our spot. That was a first for us. The rent here is cheap which is nice, however, it is rather noisy here due to a train. AT&T works great here, but our Verizon hotspot is no good. The weather during the day will be in the 70’s which is awesome! BUT! It gets into the 40’s at night. We knew that going into this, but it has been a while since we have had to use our heater.

There is a mountain range near us which we look forward to hiking. Today we will probably drive around town to see what there is here. Our goal here is to make more YouTube videos and continue to teach. August and the beginning of September have been slow for us, so hopefully things pick up. This new chapter of our journey is all about going deeper into the unknown. We both have never explored the Southwest, so this should be interesting. 

Find Your Freedom,


9.21.18 | NM


Three Years Married, Four Months on the Road

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Yesterday was our three year anniversary. We have been married for three years and have known each other for almost five years. Adventure is what brought us together and after selling our dog walking business, adventure is what we returned to.

Being married and running a small dog walking business have taught me a lot about commitment. In marriage, when you have an issue, you don’t just run away from it – you work through it. You learn, grow and change. With a business, even if you wake up to a disaster – you still got to show up and make the best of it. I thought that when I would hit 30, I would be a successful artist. That was not the case haha. I have not given up on that, but something else amazing happened and that was getting married. I’ve always wanted to be with someone to share my life with, to be goofy with and to be adventurous with. I have that. I have love and I’m grateful for it.

I’m learning that marriage has a lot to do with forgiveness and acceptance. Issues will always arise in any type of relationship. How do you deal with them? Do you ignore them? Do you point them out, but don’t do anything about it? I find that being married takes me to deeper levels of acceptance and working with the energy of forgiveness. Sometimes we end up on different pages and I think it is important to always bring your marriage back into present time.

What I love most about our relationship is that we are both willing to grow together. I love that we are both adventurous and have an affinity for new experiences. I remember watching the film “Into the Wild.” It’s a sad, but very beautiful story about a young man leaving behind everything that is familiar and embracing the unknown. At the end of his journey, he realizes that happiness isn’t real unless shared. I don’t necessarily believe that because I have been alone and happy before, but I certainly understand what he was saying because I prefer sharing life with someone. I would rather go on an adventure with my wife and share that happiness.

We have been on the road for almost 4.5 months. We have had some really great experiences so far, but it has not been easy. We have a lot more growing to do. Sometimes I do have to remind myself though, we are pretty damn lucky. From the moment we sold our business and all the way until now, we have got to go on some pretty cool adventures. Yesterday we were riding four-wheelers and went knee boarding and water tubing. I love my life and can’t wait to see what is next, but the best part about is that I get to do it with my best friend, lover and partner in crime 🙂

Find Your Freedom,


9.13.18 | MO


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Deeper into the Unknown

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And all of that frustration, could I say goodbye?

If that is all I’ve known, this will send me deeper into the unknown

Could I feel, could I be, the dream I have so long been able to see

On the road, these crazy dreams

Could I let my creativity take over?

Could I finally believe?

This past life, could I bleed?

Will this be the death of me?

A transformation, so I can succeed

Will I return to my skin a new man?

Waiting so long, this is what I need

To put dreams into action

To find satisfaction

I walk deeper into the unknown

And all that frustration, I say goodbye…



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the dichotomy of being blessed and cursed

Coming back to life, someone let me out of this hearse

They say the best comes right after your experience the worst

I got the music trapped inside, I hear it clearly verse after verse

I’ve been dying to explode, waiting to give life to these lyrics

Feel like a chokehold is being released from my neck

I already know so there is no need to inspect

Just need to better detect, better protect

Unleash wise bullets and go up a step

I can feel my confidence returning

Shedding depression from always yearning

Listen my voice return from the dead

How much forgiveness does it take?

Or the neutrality in the center of my head

I’m shaking off the cobwebs and doubt

Snakes and spiders disappear, I feel lighter

Vampires sucking my life-force, finally on the way out

This is a long road back, but I’ll get my forte back intact

God of my heart in the sky and my legs moving along this track

Theres no looking back because everything underneath me is coming undone

Dark clouds vanish, I can feel the light of my gold sun