Perfection isn’t REAL

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I don’t believe in perfection. I don’t think it exists. The pursuit of perfection is an inevitable let down. What I do believe exists is greatness. I think you can be great at something, you can achieve greatness. To me greatness is the pinnacle, not perfection. In my opinion greatness requires commitment to a craft. Whatever it is that you love – are you committed? If shit aint going right, are you still showing up? If you are not seeing the results you want as quickly as you want, will you be there the next day? The ride to the top is an investment of your energy. Do you really want it?

You might try to be the perfect husband, perfect son, perfect student, have a perfect body, but I have to say that is a juggling act just waiting to go wrong. You will inevitably disappoint someone and perhaps one of those people might be yourself. I look around and I am amazed at life, what our bodies allow us to do, nature, the universe… but we have flaws. Shit goes wrong. Things blow up, people fall off cliffs accidentally, I make spelling and grammar mistakes daily.

When I was younger things needed to be perfect. My room had to be perfect. Everything had to be in its place. I look back on that and it makes me want to vomit. To be honest I am very different now. I am living in an RV, traveling around the states. Life is not perfect; tires need to be replaced, leaks occur, the dishes are overflowing, plans change and so on. Life feels more real when perfection is taken out of the equation.

Let me paint a picture for you, a perfect picture: you can’t be happy unless you have “x.” ‘X’ could be anything. Maybe it’s a mansion, a sports car, a degree, an award, whatever. We can choose happiness now. The sports car may never happen or if it does, that might be a long time to wait to be happy. It’s a prefect picture. It aint real. You can be happy now despite the shit show you might be in and you can be happy pursuing whatever goals you have. It’s a shift in perspective 🙂

Find Your Freedom,


4/8/19 | AZ


Alpha Brain for Lucid Dreaming: Day 5

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Okay so it is day five of taking Alpha Brain and so for no lucid dreams. Please keep in mind I am doing this as an experiment and using this as a supplement. I meditate, keep a Dream journal and do reality checks daily to increase my chances of having lucid dreams.

I have not had a lucid dream yet while taking alpha brain but my ability to recall dreams is very good. Typically I have to become lucid in order to control my dreams, however, I have had a few dreams in the past where I did not have that, “oh shit, I am dreaming!” moment, but experienced something that shifted the dream and allowed me to do things that I would normally do in a lucid dream. For example I had a dream where I was in my parents house and I saw my reflection. After seeing my reflection I started doing telekinesis and floating around the house. Usually I would be doing this type of stuff only if I became lucid first.

Anyway, I have noticed perhaps a very low level of lucidity with taking alpha brain. I have had a dream while taking this supplement where I was doing telekinesis only because a dream character did something to remind me of it. I also had a dream the other night  where people were trying to steal my car and I got into a fight. I feel like a had slightly more awareness in this dream than I do in most dreams, but still a very low level of lucidity. To be honest though I have had vivid dreams in the last couple of months without taking any supplements…

So no full on lucid dreams yet. I have had to switch the timing of when I take the pill. I noticed that if i took it too late, then I would have difficulty falling back asleep during the middle of the night. That became a little irritating so I now take it in the morning and it hasn’t been a problem.

I meditated earlier today, have been doing the reality checks and already have taken one alpha brain pill. I will report back soon on the results 🙂

Are you dreaming?


4/8/19 | AZ

Alpha Brain for Lucid Dreaming: Day 2

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Okay So it has been over 4.5 months since I have been practicing lucid dreaming & astral projection and it has been a very exciting and frustrating ride. The nights you have great vivid dreams, experience the vibrations or have a lucid dream are great, but then there are those mornings you wake up and have no result except maybe just remembering your dreams. To be honest, just remembering your dreams isn’t all that bad, I guess I just need to manage my expectations right?

Back in February I was thinking about experimenting with a supplement for my dreams and I came across alpha brain. I have heard of it before on Joe rogans podcast but never knew that it could help with lucid dreams. So I went out and bought it. I experimented with it for about two days and did not have a positive experience. I experienced a lot of brain fog the next day I woke up which really bummed me out especially since Alpha Brain is not very cheap.

Anyway, fast forward to April and I have decided to give Alpha brain a second chance. I recall having some sinus issues around the same time I originally tried it, so perhaps it was a fluke.

So, I took just one pill (not the recommended 2) last night around 6PM. The reason I took it so late was because I read a blog about someone who was experiencing lucid dreams when taking this 3-5 hours before going to sleep. I thought I would do the same. Not long after taking the pill I noticed being more alert and having more mental energy. When it was time to go to sleep I did not have any issues, however, I did have a slight problem going back to sleep when waking up in the middle of the night. I did not have any lucid dreams last night, but my dream recall was greatly improved. It’s funny because in one of my dreams I was even talking with a dream character about alpha brain. At one point in one of my dreams I even started doing telekinesis which is something that is common for me. So for this morning I have not experienced any brain fog!

I plan on taking one pill 4-5 hours before going to sleep until I run out. I will write a blog each morning describing my results. So feel free to subscribe to the blog to find out more about my experiences with Alpha Brain.


4/5/19 | AZ

It Starts with Self Belief

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If you don’t believe it is possible, then how are you going to start the process of manifesting it? If you are not able to visualize it, to see it with your minds eye – how will you weave your dream into reality? Let’s back it up though, because it all starts with self belief.

Doubt and invalidation interfere with ones ability to believe in themself. Imagine what someone could do in a life-time if they believed in who they are and their abilities. Not only that what if they could see their dream clearly. To take it step further, what if they were relentless. No matter what, they would push forward. To manifest a dream, well… that to me is a miracle.

You see, creating in spirit is easy. Creating in spirit is instantaneous. The big factor is that we live in a dense vibration. Energy moves more slowly and therefore, it takes time for things to manifest. It is through commitment, we can learn patience. Not only that, we go through stages of believing in ourselves.

Right before we begin a project we might have all this optimism, but as we move through the process we are tested and challenged. Those invalidations and limitations will present themselves as roadblocks saying “you can’t go any further, you are not capable,” but if you carry on and breakthrough – you enter a new stage of self belief. Your optimism at the beginning is stimulated once again and you continue on your path until you hit another obstacle.

When you listen to successful people, usually they will mention how they believed in themselves. That is where it starts. So how do you work on believing in yourself? Well, I think it is good to know yourself first. If you know who you are and know your truth then you have a good foundation to build self belief. Maybe I should rename this blog to “it starts with knowing yourself…”

Self belief has a lot to do with your crown chakra (7th) and your connection to your higher-self. If you can clear out the bullshit between you and your higher self, then the energy will definitely start shifting. I should probably make a youtube video on how to do this. A good starting point though would be the ‘Art of Meditation I’ playlist on the Souls Gone Wild youtube channel. The last video in that series is on connecting with your higher self.

Most people may understand when we talk about the heart and the mind. We have all heard the phrase, follow your heart, but you usually don’t hear about the higher-self, maybe only if you are involved in the spiritual community. The average person doesn’t know what the higher-self is. This is what I follow. I let my higher-self lead. For me that usually means me taking risks, going into the unknown and experiencing a lot of growth.

What is that crazy thing that you would love to do? Now, what if you believed in that? What if you believed you could do it? What do you think it would feel like when you achieve it?

Find Your Freedom,


4/4/19 | AZ

Flying in a Lucid Dream

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I’ve had dreams in the past where I found myself levitating and floating around, but I don’t recall a dream where I was flying. Just recently though I had a very short lucid dream that involved flying. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Okay so I was asleep but my wife was still up teaching. When she came to bed, she woke me up unintentionally. Once I was awake I had difficulty going back to sleep. I tossed and turned and at some point I finally fell asleep. I recall having a dream where I was in the house that I grew up in. I was in the main living room and it was dark, except for some light coming from a closed door that leads to the kitchen. I knew my father was in there and I could hear him listening to once of my youtube videos. I decided not to enter the room. Suddenly, I find myself at the end of my parents driveway. It is snowing quite heavily and the snow flakes are very big. I thought to myself – is this how dreams begin? In other words I was curious about how I ended up in a different place so quickly. I start to walk down the driveway and I have this thought that maybe I am dreaming, but I doubt it. To my surprise though I realize I am dreaming. Immediately, I start to fly down the driveway with great ease. It is so effortless. While flying I have the thought that I will start to lose consciousness. Fade to black.

It was a very short lucid dream, but I learned two things from this: 1) For someone who is new to lucid dreaming, it may be best to avoid things like flying and telekinesis. For me, these things seem to come natural, but generate too much excitement that it wakes me up so quickly from the lucid dream. 2) The way I became lucid was from questioning how I ended up in a new scene so quickly. So, asking yourself during the day, “how did I get here?” – is a great reality check.

It is exciting to have a lucid dream, but it is frustrating that it doesn’t last so long. I realize though that I am new to this and it will take some time to get grounded in this practice. Once I can remain calm and composed, perhaps then I can have longer lucid dreams.

With that said, are you dreaming?


3.31.19 | AZ

Love for my Life

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When a part of your purpose is that there is no plan, it is easy to get caught up thinking that something is wrong, that something is off. “I should have a traditional career by now, I should have a mortgage by now, I should have children by now…” I don’t have any of that. I weave dreams into reality. That is what I do. Each new adventure, each new place, each new experience: I drive to my dreams and then create new dreams. I have love for my life now.

This life isn’t perfect. Shit breaks in the RV, I don’t make as much money as I used to and what I am trying to build is going to take a lot of patience. YouTube, the blog, the podcast – these things take time. Living the RV life is strange. Some days you are getting bit by a dog at the RV park and other days you are visiting the grand canyon. Rainy days are boring, but the sun reminds you why you chose this lifestyle. Without the lows, without the days you are pushed to your limits, the magical days on the beach, mountains and desert just wouldn’t be as sweet.

If anyone tries to tell you that living in an RV doesn’t have any cons then they are bull shitting you like the internet loves to do. You are dealing with a small space, your cat is playing around in the litter box presenting a lovely aroma throughout the RV, you find leaks, your slide floor is FUBAR, etc. BUT, I got to say, it’s better than officially being homeless…

I like my life. No, I love my life. And I don’t think that was the case a long time ago. I went from depression and confusion to having more certainty and joy in my life. There is more light than darkness. It’s not all light, but I own more of my personal space than I ever have. I’m good with that, but it does not mean I will stop. There are many mountains to climb. Each present challenges and lessons to be learned. Each mountaintop is a victory,  a milestone and a new perspective.

If I was handed it all in the beginning, I would not learn patience or gratitude. I would not truly know joy. I wouldn’t be learning commitment and connectivity. It is through pain and struggle I have learned my strength, a strength I don’t need to prove to others and a strength not harnessed in a gym.

Something that surprises me is when I see people who have it all; family, big dreams, money, travel – but something is still off. So off that you need to take time away from a dream career to get yourself back in order or so off that you end up committing suicide…. It’s heartbreaking and sad to see. I know depression. I know pain. It’s ugly. It’s an internal war that not everyone always notices. This is why I believe health is so important. Self-awareness is important. Taking risks and following your dreams – it’s all important. In the end though we are human. You can have it all, you can feel god like, but shit can still go south and I don’t mean south for the winter. Life isn’t perfect, but nowadays – I love mine.

Find Your Freedom,


3/29/19 | AZ

Social Media Influencer?

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I see this term being thrown around a lot lately…. I don’t want to be a social media influencer though. I just like creating and sharing. If you like it – great, if you don’t – no problem. If I have an opportunity to work with a brand that I like and aligns to what we are doing, then I have no problem with that. I would prefer though to make money from google ads, supporters of the podcast and patreon.

There was a time when there weren’t ads on social media nor was there “social media influencers” doing ads on their content. On one hand it is nice that people can be self employed and on another hand it is just another platform for more ads to be shoved into your face. It is like my love / hate relationship with technology and the internet. There are pros and cons.

It is nice to discover a product I am interested in from a creator on youtube, especially if it is a product that is related to what the creator normally talks about. Quite often though that is not the case. It is a norm to see many popular you tubers doing ads for companies that have nothing to do with them. For example, if we did an ad for a really good yoga mat, that would make sense – we do make yoga and mediation videos. But, if we did an ad for Dorito chips, that wouldn’t really make sense considering that I don’t even eat them anymore nor does it have anything to do with the content we create.

I understand the need to work with brands to sustain their career and lifestyle as a creator. I get it. I am open and willing to do it too, as long as it makes sense. I think I would feel like an idiot trying to sell some product I didn’t use, care about or believe in. If it had something to do with camera gear or something related to recreational vehicles then yeah, that makes sense to me.

I think there is nothing wrong with developing relationships with brands and presenting services or products on YouTube or other platforms, but where do you draw the line? Are the brands you are working with in alignment to your own brand or personal beliefs? I guess this comes down to the dollar signs in front of your eyes or integrity.

So, do I consider myself a social media influencer? No. I don’t even have enough followers to be considered anyway. I just want to evolve as a creator and make better content. Plain and simple.


3/23/19 | AZ