Meditation Classes:

Art of Meditation I Series: This is not your typical mediation series. You will learn about your aura, energy system (chakras, channels), grounding, reclaiming your energy, earth & cosmic energies, creating & destroying, energy cords, neutrality and connecting to your higher-self!

Art of Mediation II Series: You know how to setup your meditation space, now what? How about learning to run YOUR energy? We will focus on the following; kundalini, male energy, female energy, will power, affinity and your healing energy. Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series.

Creating Mock-Ups: You have heard about the law of attraction, but how does it really work? In this workshop we will take a look at manifesting your desire. Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series.

Creativity Series: You have taken the Art of Mediation I & II, but you want more. The techniques learned in this three part series is what I use in all of my daily meditations. Are you ready to tap into your creative power?

Forgiveness: Forgiveness is the quickest way to clear karma and negative energy. You will learn to work with this energy in meditation. Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series.

Owning and Healing a Space: Want to learn how to own a space for yourself? Want to go a step deeper and learn how to heal the space? This is the workshop for you! Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series.

Clairvoyant Trainings: the purpose of these trainings are for the development of your clairvoyance, healing and self discovery.

Language of Spirit: Mental Image Pictures – that is the language of spirit and that is exactly what you will be learning about, but it is so much more than that. Aside from working on your clairvoyance in this year long training, you will be learning about your spiritual anatomy, the aspects of yourself, akashic records, the 12 archetypes and more! Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series.

Going to the Edge: This is is six month clairvoyant training for men. It has all do with the male journey. For men, we go to the edge to get perspective, to gain clarity on our life and the direction we are heading. In this training you will be tapping into your male energy and aligning to your creativity. Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series, Language of Spirit Training.

the Art of Dreaming: You are a spiritual being with a body. Through your physical body you experience life on this amazing planet. You have another body – your astral body. This is the body in which you are able to experience your dreams with. The more developed your astral body, the more deeper of an experience you get to have. Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series, Language of Spirit Training.

Free Spirit: We have heard the term, free spirit and you may even know someone like this – but what makes them free? In this training we will focus on healing the three aspects of the soul; the feeling self, reasoning self and higher-self. You will gain a better understanding of each aspect and learn how they all communicate. Prerequisite: Art of Meditation I Series, Language of Spirit Training.