To my Dreams.

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Tell me, tell me what’s going to happen here
Because, all the wasted time, I fear…
That it all will catch up to me!

(Falling away, falling away!)
All the pain I have collected
(Rising above, rising above!)
All the growing pains that take me
To my dreams!

Tell me, tell me what’s going to happen here
Because all I have are words, words sitting inside of me
I’m ready, ready to fire, to release the lack of clarity
To hear my voice, to hear my voice!

(Falling away, falling away!)
All the pain that I collected
(Rising above, rising above!)
All the growing pains that take me
To my dreams!

Swirling mixture of agony and peace
To find resolution would bring me back to the beginning
When it was easy to talk
I’m just happy to be singing

Falling away
all the pain
Rising above
All the growth, that is taking me
To my dreams




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the day I become an artist

I already am…

the day I recover my voice

it will all make sense

it’s easy to sleep

it’s easy to not know

To push the clouds away

and see the wall between yourself and a dream

to be reminded your own resistance placed brick by brick

what a nightmare I am starting to feel sick

So much that needs to come out

Will that stage feel like bliss?

I could travel the world and it wouldn’t be enough

I need the stage like my lungs need air

I inhale for a scream

Words recognized is the dream

It seems so easy, but years are what I need

The inability to commit has been the death of me

But I have opened the casket door time and time again

I won’t stop until I can build a wave and send

Won’t you smile with me?

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the discomfort, the emotions – all that I feel
You slip away and I become stronger
Why does it have to be this way?
The differences between
I love who I am
I’d hope that everyone could feel
Feel the magic inside
Today it is all very real
The sadness, the happiness
The growing pains that push me to my dreams
I remember myself as a child, when I used to smile
Dancing in the living room, crazy and wild
The music I heard, the music I felt
Don’t you know it is why I chose you
But my eyes were wide for the world
And just because I’m gone
Doesn’t mean I don’t love you 
I am just living my dream
And I’m starting to smile
Won’t you smile with me?
All my failures, all my risk-taking
It is just the desire to breathe the air of my purpose
I’d hope you’d understand, maybe you never will
What happens to my heart
When the tires spin down the highway
When the sun is crashing behind the mountains
With this fade to black I can see
All my childhood memories
My bike and the autumn leaves
Thank you for the good
Thank you for the bad
And today I stand as a man
Starting to smile again
Won’t you smile with me?


A Grand Experience | RV Life

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Well we have made it to Arizona! After seeing the meteor crater, grand canyon and Tucson, this is definitely one of our favorite states. I must say, it feels good knowing that it is October and it is in the 80’s. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. I am not a fan of cold weather – haha!

There are a few things I dislike about living in a RV, but having the ability to move, go to the warmer weather and see some truly amazing places, this is exactly what I want to be doing right now. We have freedom and freedom is a beautiful thing. There are some bad people out in this world, but most people we come across are very kind. I’ve known this for a very long time, that it would be a waste to not see the world. I always knew that I wanted to explore and we are certainly doing it in a unique way now. 

There was something about seeing the Grand Canyon that was deeply satisfying. I look forward to having more moments like that. I feel as though there will be quite a few of those when we go abroad. I don’t know when that will be, but we will make it happen. I am a very determined individual. I may fail a lot, but I usually find the finish line one way or another. 

We have been on the road for about six months now. I think it is finally becoming more real for our friends and family that we are really doing this. From the outside it doesn’t look like a very “stable” way of living. With the technology and the internet, it is more than feasible to make this lifestyle work. It’s really a great way to see the United States. 

There are things I miss about having an apartment, but I don’t miss paying over $1000 / month in rent. I also don’t miss that feeling of being stuck in one place. Sure I miss having more space at times, but when it is this nice outside, I would rather just be outdoors. I love walking out of our RV and seeing mountains in the distance. I love knowing that we paid less than $500 for rent this month. The people we meet, the friends we get to see and the places we go – it is all very much worth it. 

As often as we move, it makes it more difficult to setup yoga and meditation gigs. We were hoping to setup workshops and to be honest, it is kind of a pain in the ass dealing with some studios. Most studios tend to take a high percentage of your earnings. I understand that their time, energy and electricity come at a cost, but not 50 – 60 precent of our earnings. We lucked out in Chicago because I got to work with a really awesome spiritual store called the Gypsy Haven. Super awesome people and they know how to do business. I really liked them. 

I look forward to exploring Tucson, making more videos, doing more readings and figuring out a next step for teaching meditation. 

Find Your Freedom,


10/24/18 | AZ


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Some days impossible

Some days possible

I’m in and out of my energy

But I know this won’t be the death of me

Growing taller, becoming stronger

Weaving dreams into reality 

If it all was handed to me

I would learn nothing

The struggle is where I find my strength

When success strikes, gratitude will be born

I will wash away all the pain

But I’m a dream weaver

I’m a mountain climber

Destroying doubt has become a hobby

If you only opened your eye

Maybe you could see

What you could do, who you could be

And maybe then you would believe



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the days in Wilmington, the days in Chicago
I miss my brothers…
Let us talk about the art of fighting
Let us talk about the art of loving

A wild time, a wild training
Frowns turned to smiles
Growing pains seemed to go on for miles
What a strange and wonderful time

Music in the house, music in the studio
We played into the night
We never seemed to get it right
It always came back to us two

What will come into view?
Will I be solo?
Or will we band together 
And finally see this through

Ships of relation, sailing the spiritual sky
I have to ask, are these contracts done?
Were those really goodbyes?

Will I be alone?
Will we band together?
Will a new band form in different weather?

Whatever it may be, I wish I could see
Those standing on the docks
Those that are waiting for me.


Happiness FIRST

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What I cherish the most are having new experiences. Sure there are physical things that I love; film equipment, musical instruments, computers, cars – but in general, I would rather have some sort of new experience than go out and buy shit to put on a shelf. That’s just me. When I have new experiences, I am usually growing, healing and / or learning as a result. After you have a new experience, at some point you gain some understanding of that particular experience. Once you have learned what you needed to learn – wisdom is born. That is what you take with you when you die, not a couch. 

When we used to run our dog walking business, we made a lot of money, had a nice apartment, but quite literally – we were doing the same shit everyday. Nothing new was happening. What I really learned is that it is important to be happy first, then let the money follow. There ain’t nothing wrong with making a lot of money. Hell, I love it, but if it is doing something I’m not really passionate about – fuck it. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and love being a businessman, but I’m more passionate about teaching, art and performing. 

I love money. I want to make a lot of it – haha, who doesn’t. I love things. We live in a physical world after all… but again – I always lean towards having new experiences. Honestly though, when I make less money that is usually when I am the happiest. If I can pay my bills and have a little extra to go explore – then rock on. I cherish time so much. I love being able to have time to write, practice vocals or meditate. Working for other people and working a traditional 40 hour + work week is my personal hell. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I know people will hate me for saying that, but its true. I may not have a college degree or speak all fancy, but I am pretty fucking smart. I know how to create from nothing. I know how to survive. I know how to create my own jobs. I learn quickly and I know how to research and find what I need. 

What I always have to remind myself as an entrepreneur is that I can have numerous streams of revenue. I do psychic readings, teach english online and edit youtube videos. It took me a long time to figure out that I didn’t HAVE to work for other people. My first job being self employed was walking dogs in Chicago. That blew my mind. That experience is really what led me to starting our own business. The dog walking business is what led us to traveling and teaching. I hear it so often, people think certain things are impossible or that they can’t do it because they will upset someone. Fuck that. This is your life. Go fucking live it because I doubt you want to feel that regret in the final months of your life. People speak of that phrase “YOLO” or you only live once. I don’t really believe that because I believe in reincarnation, but I do like the idea behind YOLO. Go out there make this the best fucking life that you can. 

Find Your Freedom,


10/16/18 | NM


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