A shift in humanity

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We all have an energy system within the physical body. An energy system is comprised of chakras and energy channels. There are seven major chakras in the physical body. During the day most people are operating on their lower three charkas:

1st Charka: survival & safety

2nd Charka: emotions & sexuality

3rd Chakra: Distributing energy through out the body and achieving tasks.

If someone is meditating or in a creative mode, then most likely they are engaged with the upper chakras. The upper chakras have more to do with the spirit of YOU:

4th chakra: identity, relationships, affinity

5th chakra: communication

6th chakra: clairvoyance (seeing clearly)

7th chakra: knowing your truth, connecting to your higher self

Like many others on the planet, in one single day I can operate on all the seven major charkas, however, on a humanity level – we are at the level of the third charka and are shifting to the fourth chakra. Hold up, what does that even mean? Well a very long time ago humanity simply operated on the first chakra. It was all about survival. As time went on people on the planet shifted to the second chakra which was all about exploration. On a humanity level we are operating from the 3rd chakra and shifting to the 4th chakra. The 3rd chakra is very much about the physical body, the commitment to the physical body, moving energy throughout the body, achieving tasks and I often see the energy of the ego show up here. It’s not happening so much now because we are shifting, but life was about conquering. As humanity shifts to the 4th chakra then it will be more about identity, love, relationships and spirit. Each shift is important for humanity, but this one is very unique because most people tend to identify as the physical body. This is why most fear death so much. We will be moving in a direction where people slowly start to identify as spirit. We have a body, but we are not the body. We are much more.

The spirit of the Earth has a dream of its own and that is to have humanity reach the crown chakra. It is going to be very exciting as humanity shifts through these upper charkas, but it will take a long time. Now just because humanity is currently operating at a certain level, doesn’t mean that is where you are at. Like I mentioned earlier, in one single day I can utilize all seven charkas, but in general, I may be focused or working on one particular chakra.

For example, now I am focused on the heart chakra. For me it is about my spirit reconnecting with my body and also about relationships. For my job I get to have conversations with people from all around the world. It is a student / teacher relationship. I am helping them with their English. Perhaps in a few years I may move on to the fifth chakra (communication) and go deeper into writing, podcasting and even music. Just because I make that shift though doest mean I never use my heart chakra.

Any big personal shift can be uncomfortable. It is a growth period. The same thing goes for humanity – we are in a giant growth period. It may be difficult and cause issues to arise, however, in the end I believe it will be for the best. What are your thoughts on humanity shifting to the 4th chakra? What chakra are you primarily focused on now?


4/25/19 | UTAH


Being Present

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All my spiritual training has been about being in the body, being present. That is where the magic is at and I absolutely love experiencing it. I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about lucid dreaming and astral projection and what I am beginning to see and realize is that the more you can be present in your waking life, the more you can be present in a dream or out of body.

I know all sorts of visual techniques and energy work that help with being present, but I am trying something new and that is simply just sitting in meditation for 30 minutes and focusing on my breath. By focusing on your breath, you are more likely to be in present time. And by focusing only on my breath it seems easier to not have a million thoughts racing through my head. I am going to try to do this different and simple exercise in the morning and evening. The idea is that when you mediate in the morning, you are reconnecting with your body and setting the tone for you day. When you meditate at night you are ending your day and setting the tone for your dreams.

I love those moments where suddenly everything syncs up and you find yourself centered. You have that “ah ha” moment where you realize – I’m present! It’s a very joyful feeling. You feel as though nothing else matters in that moment, but what you are seeing and experiencing. Time actually seems to go out the window. You simply have showed up and connected with your body more deeply.

Just as I am typing this I realize that the moment I had yesterday, where I realized I was in the moment, it feels very similar to when you wake up in a dream and realize that you are dreaming. They are both very exciting and joyful experiences.

Whether or not you are interested in lucid dreaming or astral projection, being present in your waking life is really a blessing. It beats dwelling on the past and worry about the future. All the bullshit just fades away.


4/21/19 | AZ

Spiritual Perspective on the Stages of Sleep

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Today I did a free reading for someone who won via this blog on lucid dreaming and astral projection. After doing this reading I feel as though I have done enough readings and personal meditation to get a good idea of the spiritual perspective on the stages of sleep.

I’m not going to go into the scientific side of the stages of sleep simply because that information is easily accessible via the web, however, what you won’t find typically is the perspective that I am going to share.

NREM Stage 1: when I look at this stage clairvoyantly for others, what I see is someone simply getting comfortable and relaxed in bed. I also see the astral body becoming stimulated.

NREM Stage 2: in stage two I see the astral body lift out of the physical body and hovers just above. I also tend to see imagery appear just in front of the face of the astral body. 

NREM Stage 3: in the third stage I typically see two things; 1) the individuals astral body remains hovering above their physical body or 2) they are unconsciously gliding throughout what some would call the real time zone or what I would simply call it – the first level the astral. It is a lower level of the astral that mostly resembles the physical world. If people are not floating above their physical body, I see people floating throughout their house, moving through walls and sometimes doing activities they might do in their day to day. 

REM: Once someone hits this stage, what I see is that the pineal gland of the physical body stimulates and then the pineal gland in the astral body lights up and then imagery appears out in front of the astral body face. From here the astral body moves to a specific   area of the astral and based off the image that is in front of them dictates the dream that forms around them.

If someone were to wake up in a dream and knew they were dreaming while in the dream – that is lucid dreaming. From there you can go on to have greater control of the dream. One thing interesting about this though is that I have had dreams where I had some level of control but I did not know I was dreaming.

This information is based off of readings I have done for others and personal meditation.   This is what I have seen consistently in most people, but I have seen some exceptions to this.

Find Your Freedom,


4/20/19 | AZ

Hello, Present Time

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Such magical moments I recall

What made them unique? What made them so special?

Was it that I found present time and didn’t realize it at all?

Back from the clouds and in this vessel

Here I am, another moment and I feel alive

I am happy and this feels familiar

Am I falling in love with this body?

Am I falling in love with this life?

Happy to be alive, I don’t think about pain

So glad that I made the decision to switch lanes

The past is the past – you are no problem at all

Can I let the future go, can I let go of control?

Could I just let it ride, could I trust in the free fall?

Present time, don’t slip away, it feels too good

I’m here to stay.

Alpha Brain for Lucid Dreaming: Day 13

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Okay, so I had a wild experience last night. I took two alpha brain pills around 6PM and went to sleep a little after 9PM. I experimented with something new last night which is called a ramp timer. I used a YouTube video that was about 3 hours in length and the first 60 minutes is just silence. After the first hour there are beeping sounds that occur every 5 minutes. The idea is that this is to help you induce a lucid dream or astral projection. So, I thought I would give it a try.

Okay, so I was having a dream where I was in a hotel room lying in bed. In this dream I was also doing the ramp timer experiment. I was lying there, heard a sound go off and I started projecting out of my body. I only lifted a foot or so out of my body and then returned. I changed my sleeping position, tried going back to sleep and awaited the next sound to go off five minutes later. Eventually I thought to myself that it was taking too long and once I had that thought I launched out of my bed and started flying in the sky. I felt like was going very fast and I was surprised how long it was lasting because normally my previous experiences end quickly.

I’m not going to go into the entire dream experience, but at one point in my dream I was able to manifest a dream character, but the person that appeared was not who I was expecting, so I guess I was not specific enough. The interesting thing about this whole experience is that it was all a DREAM. In this dream I felt like I was having a real astral projection, but it was not. It wasn’t even a lucid dream because I didn’t have that moment in the dream where I was like, “Oh! I AM DREAMING!” But I did have a good degree of control in the dream. This explains some dreams that I have had in the past where I was not having a full on lucid dream but I was able to control aspects of the dream.

When I was waking up on my real bed I realized oh it wasn’t a real astral projection it was just a dream. It is kind of cool though because the feeling of projecting in the dream felt so real. I think it can almost help me prepare for future astral projections. So, with the combination of alpha brain, the ramp timer, meditation, reality checks and binaural beats – I have been able to have some pretty cool dream experiences. I have three more days left of experimenting with Alpha Brain. If I have any more experiences I will report back!


4/17/19 | AZ

5 Months of Dream Journaling: Dreaming about Lucid Dreaming

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Okay, so I have been keeping a dream journal for officially five months now. Wow! I am really happy I have been staying committed to this because I went from not remembering my dreams to now remembering numerous dreams each morning. Occasionally I wake up from sleep and don’t remember any of my dreams, but for the most part I am always remembering.

One thing I am beginning to notice is that I am starting to understand my dreams more, not all of them, but some. I can recall a dream and then understand what that dream is about and how it pertains to my waking life. As of lately, I am having conversations with other dream characters about lucid dreaming and astral projection. You would think that if I am having these conversations that I would become lucid after them, but in the past few nights – that has not been the case.

What I am learning is that this is a process; remembering your dreams, having vivid dreams, lucid dreams, having more consistent lucid dreams, sustaining the lucid dreams, etc. I am at a point where I can have lucid dreams, but just not as consistent or as long as I would like them to be. It is going to take time, but I am okay with that. I am enjoying the ride.

It’s fun waking up in the morning and realizing that I am making progress. Sure there are some mornings where I feel like I am stuck or going backwards, but I have realized when that happens it is usually because of stress or I am about to make a breakthrough in my dream space. It is funny because when I have a lucid dream, it is usually when I least expect it. When I am the most frustrated and just feel like I am ready to give up (which I won’t) that is usually when the lucid dream occurs. It is strange, but that has been my experience so far.

I love the inward journey. I believe that is really how you create change. By looking within and validating your truth, the negativity starts to fade away. With lucid dreaming, there is so much to explore. My excitement is through the roof!

Where are you at with your practice these days?


4/16/19  | AZ

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Havingness: Your ability to Have

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Your ability to have – let’s talk about it.

When I look at havingness, I see a direct link between raising your personal energy level and how much you can have in life. And I am not just talking about your havingness for safety or money, but your ability to have joy, to have great sex, to have love, to have a voice, to have a vision, to have a connection with your higher-self. When I heal my memories of the past, I free up my personal energy and therefore I raise my havingness. I can have a little bit more.

When you raise your havingness you light up the people around you. You are having more than you did before and maybe others were not able to do the same. This does two things: it either inspires people or it causes envy. None of which you are responsible for, but when you feel and see this, how will you react?

So you want to be able to have more in your life, right? Start taking a look at your memories. It may not be an easy or fun task, but if you can recall difficult memories where there is a lot of resistance or the energy is more dense and are able to heal from these memories, then you can raise your overall energy. That of course means raising your havingness. Now the big question is how do you heal from your memories? Two things I recommend when looking into past memories: 1) Neutrality. When you see a memory it will probably trigger you in some way. Check in with yourself and drop the negative emotions you are experiencing and let the judgments go. By doing this you are letting go of your resistance. This takes practice. 2) Forgiveness. It is the quickest way to clear karma and negative energy. If you look at forgiveness as a color – its gold. There are two options here. You can imagine the top of your head (crown chakra) glowing gold (forgiveness) or you can visualize lightly running forgiveness (gold color) through the memory to release the resistance and denser energies.

Your body runs best on your own energy. The more of your own energy you have available to you, the more you can CREATE in your life. You can have more. And again this doesn’t necessarily have to mean money and physical objects. It could just mean having better health or having a wonderful romantic relationship.

What level is your havingness at now? What is your full potential?

Find Your Freedom,


4/14/19 | AZ