An Extraordinary Life

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At age thirty-three, I feel as though my life is just beginning. Unlike most people, I look forward to getting older. I feel this way because I know I will continue sinking into my voice, embracing the aspects of my identity and experiencing more of my dreams.

As a clairvoyant I look at past-lives. I have looked at quite a few of mine and I have seen low lives and high lives. I’ve always had an intuition that this life was going to be very unique. In my early twenties I became very passionate about pursuing my dreams, but never sat back and thought about this life possibly being a high life.

Could I unlock all my abilities and experience all of my dreams? Could this be an extraordinary life? I never wanted to do just one thing. I’ve always been interested in singing, dancing, writing, acting, painting, travel, starting businesses, movies, modeling – the list goes on. You see the lucky few that get to do many things, that get to have a lot in life. Maybe they were born into wealth and opportunity or perhaps they worked their asses off to have what they have. I was not born into wealth, but I am driven. I know if I just keep moving forward, I will experience one dream after the next.

I think something that I will have as I reach bigger dreams is gratitude. I can only imagine that after all the pain and frustration of being stuck and then finally breaking through, I will be immensely grateful. How could I take anything for granted at that point?

I like being an entrepreneur. Despite some frustration, I do enjoy the challenge of starting a new business. I also enjoy having a home on wheels to travel full time. It is interesting because we have met numerous people since we have bought our fifth wheel RV and they have mentioned how they want to do the same at some point. We met a guy in Margate, NJ where we saw Lucy the Elephant (2nd largest elephant structure in the world) and he said, “you guys are living the dream!” It is weird to think about, but I do feel this is the beginning of MY life. It is terrifying, but I am learning to trust myself. I don’t desire or expect perfection and I’m sure there will be some setbacks, but I do believe life is just going to get and better and better. In those last few moments before I die, I want to smile thinking, holy shit – that was one crazy life.

Sure my life has seemed pretty crazy prior to this moment, but something is different now. I feel a change. I feel like I have taken ownership of my life. I feel the freedom and I don’t intend on wasting it. This life is extraordinary.

Find Your Freedom,

6.20.18 | NJ


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the Adventure begins

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I had a breakthrough today. I could feel my heart opening and feeling was returning to me like a numb hand getting blood flowing back to it. My heart opened and a wave of emotion poured out. I miss my family, I miss my clients and I miss the dogs we walked. I am really proud of what Heather and I created, but I do look forward to building a new brand and having new adventures. I also look forward to strengthening my relationships; with my wife, with my family, our dog lucy, our cat thor, etc. 

Yesterday was incredibly stressful; loading the camper, more downsizing and making sure we were safe to tow. The drive wasn’t too bad, but trying to get our 5th wheel in our parking space at the campground was very frustrating. Without knowing it our break away cable disconnected and our RV breaks locked up. We had no idea why we were stuck. It’s kind of funny now, but it certainly wasn’t yesterday. Because of this we ended up getting help from a seasoned driver. We were really grateful for his help. 

After that it was time to get our RV level, which we did not end up doing. This part may have been just as irritating as the parking situation. Due to running out of patience and daylight we decided to call it quits and dealt with the awkward imbalance in the RV. Yesterday was not only stressful for us, but also our pets. They were not too happy. But… we all survived. 

Today was much better. Our camper is much more level (not perfect), our cat and dog have finally settled and the internet worked. So at this point we know Heather can teach English online. I still have to work on a YouTube video and see how it is uploading. Hopefully that works out. Today I did a reading and I have to say I am liking our office. Even if it is small and absent of our comfortable office chairs – it works. 

What I have learned so far is that I don’t know shit. Haha. I have a lot to learn, but that is okay. I am in a position where I can learn and that excites me. I think after our experience yesterday we will accumulate more blocks for the leveling and stabilization process and we may try to find pull-through sites at campgrounds due to our camper being pretty long. 

Much to learn, much more adventures to be had and more blogs on the way. Thanks for reading, have a kick ass night!

Find Your Freedom,


5.2.18 | NJ

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