Learning on the fly

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We are in love with Tucson! The weather is great here. Of course it isn’t summer right now and the temperature can get pretty high then, but the humidity is so low here. I loved being near the beach when we were staying at a RV park in New Jersey, but I couldn’t stand the humidity there. To be honest, dessert vegetation is not my favorite, but with the combination of the mountains and great weather, it can be overlooked. Something I just found out was that Tucson is one of the most bike friendly cities in the U.S. That is one thing I do miss when we lived in Chicago. I really enjoyed biking throughout the city. I love the freedom that comes along with biking.

Traveling full-time and working on our business has been an on-the-fly learning experience. In the outskirts of Chicago we worked at yoga studios and spiritual shops. There were parts about it we liked and of course parts of it that we didn’t. We eventually shifted to just focusing on workshops and have not found much success in doing that. I think what we are going to do now is put all of our energy into YouTube. While for us YouTube is primarily a place for us to upload adventure videos, but we can also add yoga and meditation videos. I also have a podcast I just started that I can use to discuss topics in spirituality. 

We have about 2.5 weeks until we leave Tuscon, but there is still a lot we want to see here. After Arizona we will be heading to southern California. I am excited to continue to have warm weather despite us heading into winter. I have been getting the urge to practice vocals more and more and to my surprise our next RV Park has a room that I can use to practice. This is awesome, because we will most likely be there for about three months.

So we are just going to continue exploring, putting all of our energy into YouTube and I am going to be practicing singing as much as I can. I have always wanted to learn to sing and I can’t put it off any longer. I really want to get better so I can do some covers on YouTube and then eventually create original content. Like anything, I just got to take it day by day. 🙂

Find Your Freedom,


11.1.18 | AZ


A new adventure

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Today we are getting prepared to leave Illinois. I am excited to be moving on, but I am sad at the same time. Heather and I didn’t really know the impact we were having on our students and friends until these last few days. I’m glad we came here to teach and I am excited to see what is next for us!

I’ve gained a lot of clarity and certainty about the decision that we have made. I truly love traveling and teaching. It just feels right. After this experience in the outskirts of Chicago, I feel more confident. I’m ready for a new adventure. I’m ready to teach more.

Something I learned while we were here is that it is really important to choose your truth and your dreams. Wake up calls will come in waves, but it is truly up to you to get on one of them and ride it to your destiny. I’ve worked many different types of jobs since I was 14, I’ve been financially secure, I’ve been homeless, I’ve experienced success, I’ve experienced failure and relationships have come and gone. What I’m finding is that my happiness has a direct connection with the decisions I make in life. When I make a decision, wether it is to take action or to not take action – am I being true to myself? If I am, I know I will find happiness. If I am not, I know I will be met with regret. For me, that is something I can not live with. I am fully aware that I have a mission that goes beyond being a husband and maybe even being a father. There is so much I want to do this life, but to keep it simple, it’s travel, teaching and music. I want to heal myself through teaching meditation. I want to help others heal and discover themselves through teaching. I want to heal myself through music. I want to entertain. I want to see the world. I was born to inspire, born to show people that it is okay to be yourself, that it is okay to dream big.

I have so much work to do, but I am excited. I’m excited because I choose my truth. I know that will lead me to where I want to be. There will be more growth periods, more growing pains, but in the end it is all worth it. I believe in taking risks. I’m sure glad we took the risk with teaching and traveling.

The company that you work for has a mission statement. I have to ask you though, what is your own personal mission statement? Why are you here? What do you want to experience this life? Why do you want to experience these dreams? What will you learn?

Find Your Freedom,

Andrew Fritz

8.28.18 | IL


YouTube Culture

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I got started on YouTube three years ago. I deleted my channel and started a new one called Souls Gone Wild. My wife and I do adventure videos, music, comedy, yoga and meditation. My old channel was just me being experimental and learning how to edit.

Anyway, we are coming up on a first full year with the new channel. We only have 59 subscribers and I am still working on being more comfortable in front of the camera and becoming a better editor. It does get difficult when you don’t have a growing audience, but I know I just have to keep moving forward. That goes with anything in life.

Something that really bums me out though is the YouTube culture lately. What am I talking about? I’m talking about all the drama that gets started by big creators. Just recently FouseyTube created an event on short notice and hyped it up, but it ended up getting shutdown due to a bomb threat. Was it stopped short or was it going to fail anyway? I don’t know and I really don’t care to be honest. I’m personally a big dreamer, so I can relate to Fousey on that level, but I don’t care for the fake pranks, lies and drama.

It is easy to get sucked in to all the bullshit on YouTube and it is rare to find genuine and authentic creators on the platform. I do enjoy watching Casey Neistat and Dan Mace. To me they seem very real, down to earth, highly creative and honest people.

Because YouTube has become more popular, there are more people pumping out content. It is difficult to get noticed now, that is unless you are showing half naked women, creating drama or doing something extreme. Sometimes I catch myself thinking of dumb ways I could get more views or more subscribers, but then I realize it wouldn’t be authentic. It wouldn’t be me creating something I love, it would just be me creating a piece of content just to get noticed. I don’t want to go down that road. Honestly, with all the negative noise and silly games everyone is playing on YouTube it is making me not even want to be apart of this community.

I love YouTube though. I love that it gives me a way to express myself. I can upload my photography, music videos, adventures, whatever. Its just sad that on this platform and maybe even other forms of entertainment, is that being fake or dramatic is what gets all the attention.

I have a long way to go as an artist and that is okay, but I want to make it being me, being authentic. I understand for some creators, they are just playing the game, but that is not a game a I want to play. I’m just going to keep creating and see where it takes me.

Find Your Freedom,


7.17.18 | IL

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Internal Landscape

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March your energy down the canals
How could you not, stand strong, stand proud?
If I plugged into my voice, would you hear me clear and loud?
Got my wisdom channeling through, you know my energy is ocean water blue
I like to keep it loose, keep it free, feel my energy move, I like to be me
I can create hip hop beats, but rock concerts are what I see
Man I’m telling ya this is gotta be the ultimate dream
What steps do I need to take?
To feel that rush, to feel like a god
Do I have what it takes?
To step towards this future 
To blow the picture of being a loser
I can see the stage with such clarity
Waves of blue ripping through the fifth with such sincerity 
And a heart open wide, I could connect with the crowd
They won’t be saying I’m quiet anymore, I’m too damn loud
The struggle of reelin in the big fish
Gotta be crazy with what is on my wish list
Some days I’m good, some days I’m pissed
But I know I’ll breakthrough, I know I will find that flow
To master the circuit inside, this internal landscape
You’ll finally hear my voice, you won’t believe what I can create


Artwork by Alex Grey

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