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Kundalini is the life-force of your body. It can be stimulated through yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. Typically, when you activate your kundalini it ascends up your spinal column all the way up to the crown of your head. It’s a really cool feeling to experience. When I learned how to do this, we took it a step further and learned how to run kundalini through the entire energy system (chakras & channels). In addition to that we performed an energy healing with a classmate while our kundalini was running to enhance the healing experience. To sum it up – it was awesome.

I primarily teach kundalini via visual meditation. It is one of my favorite classes to teach. Kundalini is also probably one of my favorite energies to work with. I love the intensity of it. The other energy that is very exciting to work with is soul creative energy. For me it is very intense and powerful. The first time I worked with this level of my creativity I felt the need to go run. I don’t think I got much sleep that night I was so charged up. It was like drinking a case of red bulls.

Everyones experience of kundalini is different. For me I enjoy turning on when I want to have fun and I also turn it on when I feel very stuck. Kundalini helps me break though the energetic walls that are preventing me from taking my next step. I think of my next step right now. It involves teaching, earning more money, travel and more adventures. 

What was your kundalini experience like? If you have never worked with your kundalini, but are interested, check out the links below:
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6.12.18 | NJ

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How to Meditate

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Have you ever thought about meditating, but you just don’t know where to start? Look no further, I am here to help! I am going to provide a free step by step guide on how to ground. What is grounding? It is your connection to the Earth. Why is that important? Grounding has all to do with getting your body safe and releasing negative energy. Sounds great, how do you do it? Well the style of meditation that I teach is visual meditation. Let’s get started!

  1. Find a quiet space, sit in a chair and have your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Close your eyes and take a big deep breath in. Exhale. Again, take another big deep breath in and exhale. 
  3. Notice where you attention is. Wherever it is, is fine, but bring your attention to your physical body. Your physical body is always in present time.
  4. Say hello to the base of your spine. This is the location of your first chakra, often referred to as the root chakra. 
  5. Imagine a telephone pole where one end connects to the base of your spine (root chakra) and the other descends all the way to the center of the Earth. Take a moment and allow that to establish.
  6. Take a big deep breath in. Exhale. What you just created, was essentially a line of energy from your first chakra all the way to core of the Earth. This is your grounding cord, this is your relationship with the Earth. 
  7. Now that you are grounded, your body is safe, you have more permission to be present and you have a way to clear unwarned energy.
  8. Bring you attention back behind your eyes. Take a big deep breath in and exhale.
  9. Notice what it is like to be grounded. If there has been any energy bothering you recently, go ahead and give yourself permission to release it down your grounding cord. It is kind of like flushing the toilet. There is no need to fix, solve or analyze, just let it go. 
  10. Take a big deep breath in, exhale and come out of meditation.

That is grounding. This is the foundation to everything I teach. Grounding is all about safety, releasing unwanted energy, realness and being present. I teach grounding in a FREE YouTube video. If you happen to like this blog and / or video on grounding, I do teach more about this topic and many other topics in the Art of Mediation I Series. But Andrew, you travel in an RV full-time how will you teach me? Two ways, I can either teach you over the phone or you can purchase my videos on VIMEO. If you want to learn meditation, are low on cash, but are self-motivated – I would go for the videos on Vimeo. If you really want that one on one experience, then I would suggest the class series via the phone. All of the links can be found below. Enjoy!

Find Your Freedom,


5.10.18 | NJ

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