OBE & Lucid Dream

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Okay, so this morning I had the longest and most stable lucid dream yet. To be clear, even though this was a breakthrough for me, I certainly wasn’t reaching my full potential with lucid dreaming.

I got about seven hours of sleep and woke up. I had difficulty going back to sleep and was up for almost two hours before I was able to return to sleep. I can recall a few different scenes from non lucid dreams, but then something interesting happened. I found myself in a very vivid dream where I was in a room with a television mounted to a wall. There was three dimensional character who had red skin and was popping out of the TV. I could not see my dream body nor could I move. The dream character annoyed me and the fact that I could not move was very frustrating. Suddenly I found myself just outside of my physical body looking at my head & part of my face. I must have been in sleep paralysis because I could not move, however, I could feel myself moving what I imagine were my astral arms. I was swinging them wildly and clapping my hands.

From here I went into a lucid dream. I looked up to the sky and saw buildings that looked familiar. They were buildings that I have seen when I was living in Chicago. Like many other dreams I’ve had in the past I just immediately and effortlessly began flying. I had the intention of teleporting to the top of a building but it wasn’t working, so I did not have full control in this lucid dream. As I got closer the building began to look very colorful and almost cartoon like.

In another scene of this lucid dream I was in an apartment building and saw two people approaching their door. I opened my hand and decided to spawn something, but didn’t have a specific intention and what manifested was oatmeal – haha. I was going to show this to the two dream characters however I decided against it and moved on. I was walking out the building and noticed a dog and then suddenly I realized I had a dog, but left the dog to be free and I ran off to fly in the sky, but I fell flat on my face and started laughing.

I was trying to use certain commands in the lucid dream but they were not working. I experienced a few scene transitions and during one of them I though I was going to fade out and just wake up in bed, but that didn’t happen which was a pleasant surprise. I was initially surprised by the fact that flying didn’t wake me up in bed. At one point I was trying to manifest  a quiet room to meditate in, but that never managed to happen. In previous lucid dreams my goal has been to mediate but I never am able to pull it off. This is still my goal though. I want to stabilize the dream, meditate and then dissolve the lucid dream and astral project.

Anyway, I experienced myself performing numerous reality checks where I was trying to put one hand through the other hand. I never saw this happening but I could feel it happening and knew that’s what I was doing. I never put my hand all the way through though. All I did was put my hand far enough in to reconfirm that oh yes I am dreaming.

There was more to the lucid dream, but I’m not going to go into the entire experience, but this was definitely a breakthrough for me. I think what I am going to try to do now is sleep for about six hours, stay awake for an hour, maybe even use that time to mediate and then return to sleep for an additional two hours with the intention of lucid dreaming. I feel pretty confident that this will work, so I will definitely report back with results.


6/4/19 | Missouri

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Alpha Brain for Lucid Dreaming: 1 week

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Okay, so I have been taking Alpha Brain for about 1 week now. I have been experimenting with different times and how many pills I take (1-2). My dream recall has been very good and very early this morning was my first vivid dream while taking this supplement.  I have been keeping a dream journal now for almost 5 months and after typing in my journal I have come to realize that this mornings journal entry has been the longest one yet.

It is hard to tell whether or not this is just part of my natural progression of dreaming and dream recall or it is the supplement doing its work. I have a feeling it is both. I’m not sure what other peoples experiences are, but aside from the experiencing good dream recall immediately, it has taken one full week to have a really vivid dream. My vivid dream though was more like a vivid nightmare, which is unusual for me because in the past 5 months I can only recall having like one nightmare. I don’t think it had anything to do with the supplement but more to do with some of the stress I have felt in the past few days.

My nightmare though wasn’t a typical nightmare. It started off normal, then turned into a nightmare and then ended on a positive and surprising note. In the past if I had a nightmare, the whole thing was just bad. So this one was very different. This is also my first dreaming experience in the past 5 months where after I woke up and started writing down the dream, I had an epiphany. I actually understood the dream and I think that is because it was a very full dream and I could recall it mostly from start to finish. Most of my dreams are just very strange and don’t make much sense or at least the meaning isn’t very clear to me. This nightmare / dream was very different in that regard.

I don’t know how many pills i have left, but I will just continue taking them and report back what I notice. I still meditate and do reality checks daily to help to have a higher chance of having a lucid dream, so we shall see…


4/11/19 | AZ