OBE & Lucid Dream

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Okay, so this morning I had the longest and most stable lucid dream yet. To be clear, even though this was a breakthrough for me, I certainly wasn’t reaching my full potential with lucid dreaming.

I got about seven hours of sleep and woke up. I had difficulty going back to sleep and was up for almost two hours before I was able to return to sleep. I can recall a few different scenes from non lucid dreams, but then something interesting happened. I found myself in a very vivid dream where I was in a room with a television mounted to a wall. There was three dimensional character who had red skin and was popping out of the TV. I could not see my dream body nor could I move. The dream character annoyed me and the fact that I could not move was very frustrating. Suddenly I found myself just outside of my physical body looking at my head & part of my face. I must have been in sleep paralysis because I could not move, however, I could feel myself moving what I imagine were my astral arms. I was swinging them wildly and clapping my hands.

From here I went into a lucid dream. I looked up to the sky and saw buildings that looked familiar. They were buildings that I have seen when I was living in Chicago. Like many other dreams I’ve had in the past I just immediately and effortlessly began flying. I had the intention of teleporting to the top of a building but it wasn’t working, so I did not have full control in this lucid dream. As I got closer the building began to look very colorful and almost cartoon like.

In another scene of this lucid dream I was in an apartment building and saw two people approaching their door. I opened my hand and decided to spawn something, but didn’t have a specific intention and what manifested was oatmeal – haha. I was going to show this to the two dream characters however I decided against it and moved on. I was walking out the building and noticed a dog and then suddenly I realized I had a dog, but left the dog to be free and I ran off to fly in the sky, but I fell flat on my face and started laughing.

I was trying to use certain commands in the lucid dream but they were not working. I experienced a few scene transitions and during one of them I though I was going to fade out and just wake up in bed, but that didn’t happen which was a pleasant surprise. I was initially surprised by the fact that flying didn’t wake me up in bed. At one point I was trying to manifest  a quiet room to meditate in, but that never managed to happen. In previous lucid dreams my goal has been to mediate but I never am able to pull it off. This is still my goal though. I want to stabilize the dream, meditate and then dissolve the lucid dream and astral project.

Anyway, I experienced myself performing numerous reality checks where I was trying to put one hand through the other hand. I never saw this happening but I could feel it happening and knew that’s what I was doing. I never put my hand all the way through though. All I did was put my hand far enough in to reconfirm that oh yes I am dreaming.

There was more to the lucid dream, but I’m not going to go into the entire experience, but this was definitely a breakthrough for me. I think what I am going to try to do now is sleep for about six hours, stay awake for an hour, maybe even use that time to mediate and then return to sleep for an additional two hours with the intention of lucid dreaming. I feel pretty confident that this will work, so I will definitely report back with results.


6/4/19 | Missouri

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Turning a Nightmare into a Lucid Dream

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I was having a dream in the kitchen of the house I grew up in. Suddenly, the dream shifted and I found myself outside the house. I saw my mother off in the distance and wanted to ask her a question, but before I could do that I grew fangs. I thought this was strange. Then eerie music began playing from the sky. I could sense this dream was turning into a nightmare and I wanted nothing to do with it. It was in that moment that I realized I was dreaming. I thought to myself, “it’s just a dream!” The music stopped playing and I was walking toward the driveway and while I was walking I tried to perform a reality check where I would put my hand through my other hand, but I was experiencing some effort so I abandoned that test. I told myself it was just a dream, so that I wouldn’t suddenly forget and slip back into a regular dream or a nightmare. I walked behind the house and performed a nose reality check. This is where you close your nostrils and try breathing. Well I did exactly that and I could feel the “air” flowing through. It confirmed I was dreaming, however, I must have gotten excited about doing a new reality check in a dream and woke myself up.

This was the first time that I turned a nightmare into a lucid dream and it was also the first time I did the nose reality check in a dream. This is progress. I want to share what I did yesterday that I believe helped me have this lucid dream:

  1. Performing different types of reality checks numerous times throughout the day
  2. Setting the intention to have a lucid dream numerous time throughout the day
  3. Drinking tea with valerian in it about 1.5 hours prior to falling asleep
  4. Talking about lucid dreaming with others
  5. Running Earth & Cosmic energies in meditation prior to going to sleep.

For more information about running earth & cosmic energies check out this youtube video I created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5nGIKNP02M

Of course having a few lucid dreams in the recent past and being consistent with dream journaling are big factors as well. I’m starting to sense a shift in my practice and I feel as though I may start having lucid dreams slightly more consistently. I don’t mean every week, although that would be wonderful, but every few weeks instead of once a month. We shall see what happens…

Find Your Freedom,


5.9.19 | UTAH

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What do we say to the God of Death?

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Not today I thought, as I was ascending Angels Landing at Zion National park. It was the most intense and scariest hike I have ever completed. Apparently there have been 6 deaths since 2004 at Angels Landing, so yes it is very dangerous. You are holding onto chains as you climb up and can see right over the edge. Despite the fear, it was a very exciting and rewarding experience.

Recently I had a dream about death. I dreamt I was having health issues in my dream and then later thought I was dead. This really upset me in the dream and I quickly entered denial, so much so that I wanted to search for my physical body to see if in fact it was real. I never got around to finding my body in my dream, but it is very interesting how non lucid dreams can feel so real and be so convincing.

After having this vivid dream about death, I found myself lucid in another dream after a dream character talked about spirituality. I did a reality check and saw an old lady walking by and I was inclined to tell her that this was simply a dream. She didn’t want to hear it and ran off. I began getting very emotional at this point in the lucid dream and had to tell myself to calm down. The scene quickly changed to me being in a room with my wife and I again was compelled to let it be known that this was just a dream. I was trying to tell her and she didn’t want to hear it. I also did a reality check right in front of her. I was putting my hand through my other hand and I continued telling her it was just a dream. It clicked for her and she became very upset and went to hug me, but I woke up.

I’ve heard of other lucid dreamers doing this, but this was my first time telling other dream characters that it was a dream. I don’t think I am going to do this anymore because it doesn’t seem to do any good and eventually caused me to wake up.

I have so much to learn about lucid dreaming. There are many things I want to experiment with and explore. I have been doing a lot of meditation and readings around lucid dreaming and astral projection and I have been learning about how to prolong these experiences and how to have them more often. It is going to take me some time to experiment with what I have learned, but once I get a chance I will report back with what is working.


4/29/19 | UTAH

Flying in a Lucid Dream

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I’ve had dreams in the past where I found myself levitating and floating around, but I don’t recall a dream where I was flying. Just recently though I had a very short lucid dream that involved flying. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Okay so I was asleep but my wife was still up teaching. When she came to bed, she woke me up unintentionally. Once I was awake I had difficulty going back to sleep. I tossed and turned and at some point I finally fell asleep. I recall having a dream where I was in the house that I grew up in. I was in the main living room and it was dark, except for some light coming from a closed door that leads to the kitchen. I knew my father was in there and I could hear him listening to once of my youtube videos. I decided not to enter the room. Suddenly, I find myself at the end of my parents driveway. It is snowing quite heavily and the snow flakes are very big. I thought to myself – is this how dreams begin? In other words I was curious about how I ended up in a different place so quickly. I start to walk down the driveway and I have this thought that maybe I am dreaming, but I doubt it. To my surprise though I realize I am dreaming. Immediately, I start to fly down the driveway with great ease. It is so effortless. While flying I have the thought that I will start to lose consciousness. Fade to black.

It was a very short lucid dream, but I learned two things from this: 1) For someone who is new to lucid dreaming, it may be best to avoid things like flying and telekinesis. For me, these things seem to come natural, but generate too much excitement that it wakes me up so quickly from the lucid dream. 2) The way I became lucid was from questioning how I ended up in a new scene so quickly. So, asking yourself during the day, “how did I get here?” – is a great reality check.

It is exciting to have a lucid dream, but it is frustrating that it doesn’t last so long. I realize though that I am new to this and it will take some time to get grounded in this practice. Once I can remain calm and composed, perhaps then I can have longer lucid dreams.

With that said, are you dreaming?


3.31.19 | AZ

My First Intentional Lucid Dream

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Finally! I had my first intentional lucid dream and I say intentional because I have had a spontaneous lucid dream before.

Okay, so this whole experience was rather ironic because todays blog was actually going to be about my frustrations with lucid dreaming and how I have to stay focused and committed. Luckily and to my surprise, this is a very different blog.

I waited for my wife to go start work, which is not very far away (she teaches english online in our RV). I have been using my wifes work alarm as a reminder to do the WBTB method (wake back to bed) and then use the MILD technique which entails dream affirmations. I kicked the pets out of the bedroom so I wouldn’t have any distractions as our cat loves to walk on top of me and wake me up.

So, I started with the dream affirmations such as, “I’m going to lucid dream,” or “I will wake up in my next dream…” But that is when things went downhill. My mind became very awake, to the point it was too difficult to fall asleep. Then my cat started scratching and body slamming the door. Suddenly I felt myself getting hungry. All I could think about was how I was frustrated with trying lucid dreaming and astral projection techniques. I thought about how my dream recall seemed to be weakening. I thought about how I could remember more details the week before. I thought what was the point? Why was I meditating? Why I was I putting so much energy into something that wasn’t providing any results. I was frustrated. I almost just got up to start my day early. I thought about my first cup of coffee. But I was still tired. So I turned to my side and just closed my eyes and drifted off.

I had a dream where I was in a house which was actually being used as a set for a TV show. I was in a room where they were not filming and was waiting there with one other person who happened to be dressed up in some strange costume. We got to talking and were joking around about how we were at the bottom of the totem pole regarding our status in the acting world. The dream ended.

A new dream began. It is still blurry to me but what I remember was I was outside with a few people. I mainly remember my wife and some other guy. Something happened that scared everyone and we all became on high alert. I ran down a hill to my wife and this guy who were next to a structure that looked kind of like a fifth wheel RV. I looked down at the ground and saw a weapon on the ground. I wanted a weapon, but this particular one did not seem like it would be useful, so I left it and continued down the hill to investigate. What I remember next is me at the bottom of the hill turning around to look up the hill and that is when I saw that everyone was gone. The guy was gone, my wife not there and that structure disappeared. It was an empty hill. And that is when it hit me. I AM DREAMING. It is one of the coolest feelings to have that run through your head. My mind felt so clear in that moment. Immediately after I told myself REMAIN CALM… and so i did. I didn’t feel scared or anxious. I started having thoughts about using my psychic abilities, like to use my clairvoyance or to get myself grounded, but I thought I should just explore because I didn’t want the dream to end. I got up on the ledge and pulled myself up and started walking up another part of the hill. As I was walking though, I heard someone behind me say hello. I immediately didn’t like the energy of the voice. I didn’t like the tone. I turned around and didn’t see anyone, but there were a lot trees in the way. What I did see was an owl in a tree. I sensed it was the owl that was trying to talk to me. So, I used telekinesis to pull the bird out of the tree and had it right in front of me, but then I woke up. Haha. The dream was short, just like the spontaneous lucid dream that I had when I was younger, but finally – I did it!

I was so frustrated. I wasn’t going to throw in the towel, but I was definitely going to write about how irritated I was and try to remind myself to stay on track. It’s funny, it seems when you are about to give up or just kind of let go or stop trying so hard, things seem to fall in place.

Anyway, I am super excited. I can’t wait to have more lucid dreams (hopefully longer dreams) and share them with you 🙂


1/25/19 | CA