Getting Paid to Talk

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I started out our journey with the mindset that teaching meditation on the road (in person & online) would find traction quickly, like our previous business and all would be well. Well, I was wrong – haha. So, instead of teaching at studios, stores or over the phone I have dedicated my energy to putting spiritual content on YouTube. During this process I was searching for another way to earn money and that is when I found Cambly.

Cambly is an online platform for those wanting to learn English. To become a teacher you just have to submit an application and video. You don’t need a college degree which is nice because I dropped out. Basically you get paid to have conversations with people from all around the world. On occasion I will actually do a lesson with a student, but most of the time we are just having a conversation. 

Cambly is great because you can set your hours and teach anytime you want. This is a great opportunity to make some extra cash and is probably used best as a part-time job. I’m actually using it as a full-time job because we travel all the time. You get paid weekly and as long as you’re doing well on Cambly you can create a schedule three weeks in advance.

Now there are definitely some cons to this job. If you are working a busy day like Saturday, then the hourly rate is reasonable, but if it is a slow day you can be waiting around a lot and can become frustrating. I do most of my work on the computer like editing videos and writing, so I just use that time to get some work done, so it is not too bad. 

With my wife teaching on VIPKID and with myself teaching on Cambly we are able to travel full-time and pay the bills. It is not our “dream jobs” but it is allowing us to live our dream and build our next dream – YouTube! If you are going to use cambly while traveling just beware that it will eat up a lot of data, so have a good plan! I recommend AT&T. We have three hotspots, two are AT&T and one is Verizon. Each AT&T hotspot allows us to have 100 GB of data, so between all three of our hotspots we get 215 GB of data per month. This is enough for web browsing, teaching and uploading youtube videos. 

While Cambly can be frustrating sometimes because you get hung up on frequently due to people not knowing how to use the application or are just shy, it is worth it in the end because you can meet some cool people, help them and make some money in the process. You get to be in charge of your schedule and not have a boss, it ain’t that bad at all.

Yesterday my wife and I were sitting in the hot tub at our RV park and I thought how lucky we are. We have so much freedom…


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Location Independence

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I love the beach, I love the mountains, but I also love the city. I love Chicago in the Summer and I love Santa Monica in the Winter. I love the east coast during Autumn, but I always spring forward to the west coast. There is so much of the United States that I have not seen and that my heart has not felt. I want to feel the different vibrations. I want to be so free that I can travel anywhere, anytime.

I finally have it. Location independence. I think it is something I have been fighting for, for such a long time without even knowing it. Sure there were places that I love, but I still couldn’t settle. What was wrong with me? I got bored too easily. I usually always hit a point where I was ready to go, ready to hit the road for a new adventure. That part of me was invalidated for quite some time. You have to pick one place, pick one job and never change it. It just didn’t resonate. 

I still don’t know how long my wife and I will be full-time RV living. I just know that I want to see the states and see Canada, but after that I know we will be itching to see other parts of the world. The great thing about our RV is that we can always store it and return to it when needed. I have seen some people who go boating part of the year and then RV the remainder. Living on a boat sounds exciting yet intimidating to me, but so was living in an RV and here we are…

Being an artist, an entrepreneur and adventurer, I have no idea where I will end up, but I love the fact that I don’t HAVE to be tied down to one place and one job. It may be one of the best times to live as a nomad with all the opportunities that are out there. With a little bit of courage, a sense of adventure and an internet connection – you too can be location independent.

Find Your Freedom,


5.13.18 | NJ

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How to Make Money & Travel

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I love what I do and I love that it gives me the freedom to go where I want when I want. Given I have an internet connection Tee Hee. This allows my husband and I to RV full time. I teach ESL (English as a second language) with VIPKID as an independent contractor. I also teach yoga and my husband teaches meditation on our website 

VIPKID is NOT a scam. I was a little worried at first but it is a completely legit company.

What is required to work with VIPKID?

1.You must have at least a Bachelors Degree. It can be in any field. I have a Bachelors in Agricultural Business lol.

2.You must be able to pass a background check.

3.You must be able to work in the U.S. or Canada.

4.You will need at least one year of experience teaching, tutoring, coaching, or mentoring. I worked for the YMCA for 1.5 years working with kids. 

If you meet these basic requirements and would like to apply use this link  Just fill out the application and you’ll be on your way!

After applying you will be able to set up an interview. They have you do a kind of demo of how you would teach a class. I highly recommend watching some youtube videos about the interview. That is what I did. Also, wearing an orange shirt is not required but you will get bonus points for wearing one. 

After your interview you will hear within 24 hours whether or not you have made it to the next round of the process.

I love VIPKID. I teach Chinese children from the ages of 4-12 how to speak English. It works exactly like video calling while clicking through slides in an online classroom. The slides are apart of the lesson plan for that child. The curriculum is already set for you. Each class is at least 25 minutes long. After each class you have to give feedback on how the child did for that class. You get to set your own schedule. The pay is based on your experience level ($14 – $22/hr). You don’t have to be super with technology. There are professional IT people, called fireman, ready to help you are having problems during class.

How it works. You log into your VIPKID account and there you will see what children have booked your time slots. You will be able to see their info and what material you will be teaching. You have to teach for at least 25 minutes per class but don’t go over 30 minutes. There are about 25 ish slides per class so time management is key. Try to manage 1 minute per slide. After the classes you need to leave feedback. If you don’t you will get docked in pay. I usually have a bunch of classes back to back. so I will jot down quick notes during class and then do all of the feedback when I am finished with classes.

You get to set your own Schedule. When I joined the team we had to have at least 15 time slots available each week. This means you only have to teach 7.5 hours a week. Obviously you can do more. You open the slots you are available to teach. The parents of the kids are the ones who book the classes. 

The only really tricky part, at least for me, is the time difference. Beijing, China is 12 hours ahead. (This will change with Daylight Savings Time. China does not change their clocks.) The prime time for teaching is 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM Monday – Friday, Friday 9:00 PM – Saturday 10:00 AM, and Saturday 9:00 PM – Sunday 10:00 AM. That is wicked right??? Everyone has their own preference on how they set their schedule. Some get up early, some stay up all night on weekends, some people do both. It is totally up to you. I love that my days are free to go out and adventure.

The pay breakdown. You get a base pay, depends on your experience. You get $1 per class for just showing up and being on time. Pretty easy right. You will get another $.50 per class after you teach 35 classes that month. If you reach 45 classes in a month it will go from $.50 to $1. Pretty awesome right!!!??? It gets even better. A parent cannot book your time slot within 24 hours of the class time unless you allow it by clicking the 24 hr button. That would allow the parent to book that class within 24 hrs. If someone books that class within 24 hrs, BOOM, you get an additional $2 for short notice. You also get paid for the class if you have a NO SHOW student or the student is having an IT issue. 


$9 per class base pay (this is not a guarantee, just an example)

$1 per class for being on time

$.50 per class after teaching 35 classes in a single month. Turns to $1 per class after teaching 45 and greater in a single month.

$2 additional if booked short notice

<than 35 classes is $10 per class

>or= to 35 classes is $10.50 per class

>or= to 45 classes is $11 per class

So if you teach your 46th class for the month and its a short notice booking you would get paid $13 for that one 25 minute class.

If you are worried that you are not super tech savvy, don’t. There are people ready to help you. That is one thing I love about VIPKID. They want their teachers to be prepared and comfortable. There are firemen to call during class if something isn’t working correctly. I also have the added bonus that my husband is pretty tech savvy, thank goodness. 

Being a teacher with VIPKID has been one of the coolest jobs I have ever had. I really enjoy having fun and educating kids. The freedom of making my own schedule, the pay, the support from the VIPKID community and the ability to travel are what make this job so great!

Interested? Apply today:

Do what you love,


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How to grow your dog walking business!

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My wife and I ran a dog walking business for a little over two years. We experienced tremendous growth our first year which required us to hire employees the following year. In March of 2018 we officially sold our business to travel in a RV full-time. We are now working on building our new brand – Souls Gone Wild. My wife teaches yoga and I teach meditation. Anyway, we wanted to share some of our secrets on how to grow your dog walking business!

The first topic I would like to bring up is word of mouth. Don’t be shy about talking about your business, especially when you are just starting out. When it comes to dog walking, trust is a big issue, so when you do a great job for one of your clients, they most likely will refer your business to a neighbor, friend or family member. As an incentive, we would always offer a free walk if a client referred us. Something else that is good to have are business cards. Sometimes you meet prospective clients while you are out dog walking. It is always good to have extra business cards on you, so when someone asks about your services, you can give them your card with all of your information.

That leads me to the next topic – internet presence. You will need a web site that has all your information for prospective clients to review. It is always good to have the following information available; contact information, service area, services offered, rates, etc. Get your business on google and yelp.  This gives people a way to find your business, connect them to your web site and a way to leave reviews.

Ah, yes – reviews. This is an important topic. Having reviews gives you credibility. When people find you on the internet and like what you offer, they will usually finish with seeing what clients think about your business. Having reviews puts you on the map. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews in the beginning. We asked for reviews and some people ignored it and others were happy to leave us one. Others also left us reviews without us even asking, which was great. After a while we stopped asking. 

We had a lot of success gaining clients from Rover and Care. With rover, clients will reach out to you. The main thing to be aware with Rover though is that most dog owners that use rover usually expect low rates and for their to be no “policies.” We found that some people were not bothered at all that we were a business and had certain rules, but some will definitely be turned off by it. Care was great because we could look at dog owners posts and see their general location, dog walking needs and expectations. I would look at the site a few times a day and would constantly be reaching out to people. The key to both sites is to respond quickly and setup a meet and greet. When we showed up to someones house we a business t-shirt on, business insurance, reviews and background checks we would almost always win over the client. 

Something my wife and I did pretty often in the beginning stages of our business were mock-ups. Mock-ups is a technique you do in meditation to attract your needs or desires. It’s kind of like the law of attraction. This is actually something I teach. More information can be found on our web site:

Bottom line, if you do a good job, speak up and put yourself out there, you will do just fine. Be persistent and don’t fret about competition. There are plenty of dog walkers and dog walking business out there. It is good to aware of your competition, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in competition with them. That will only suck away your energy and deter you from focusing on your own business. 

If you have the money to do online advertising, go for it. I think it can help, but I don’t think it is necessary. We did just fine without it. Find what works best for you! If you feel you need some help or more insight I would be willing to do business consulting, however, if you are starting or operating your business near Philadelphia, PA – I won’t be able to provide consulting. Email:

Good Luck and have fun!


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