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Something I have been noticing lately is that YouTubers are becoming irritated about becoming pigeonholed. They create a successful channel and suddenly they have a certain label or are stuck in a certain category. It works for a while, but then they start getting bored of the content they are creating. So, what do you they do? They go and start a whole new channel. It’s not to say that this doesn’t work or has never worked, but why the fuck don’t you just keep your channel that is already successful and just create playlists?

I understand why people create a niche. It makes it easier for people to know what they are subscribing to – I get it. But most people don’t want to get stuck with that one label or only be able to create content in one small category. Content creators have more than one interest and most likely have different skillsets. We like to express ourselves in different ways. I think this idea that we need to pick one thing and stick with it and that is all we can do or have is bullshit. I love having a YouTube Channel because some days I wake up I want to create a comedy video and other days I want to create an adventure video. 

Contrary to belief, people will watch you even if your video isn’t in 4K or isn’t edited to perfection. What I notice is that people subscribe because they like the creators personality. I watch a guy on youtube who does chewing tobacco reviews. I don’t use tobacco products, but I think he is funny. Thats why i watch. That is why I’m subscribed. Sure, that type of content you are creating definitely has an impact on why people are watching, but it is not the only reason. 

Even if you have a successful channel, getting people to subscribe to your new channel can be difficult. It takes time to build. Maybe not as long as you first channel, but it will take time. In my opinion, why don’t you just keep one channel and create different playlists for different types of content you are creating. It’s easy to manage and promote one channel. I’m sure there are a few good reasons why to have more than one channel, but I think for most it would be easier to utilize what you already have established. 

I struggle with this idea. The idea that we have to pick only one thing and do that. I understand the importance of commitment, but why can’t we work on numerous things in life? Why can’t I work on comedy, music, a podcast, a book, etc? I have more than one interest, more than one passion, more than one skill… The thought of only doing one thing the rest of my life sounds incredibly boring. 

What I love about the time period we are in now is that we have the ability to build our own audience. No longer do we have to go to an audition to be on a show. We can create our own fucking show. Maybe its a podcast, maybe its a show on youtube. You have always wanted to be a writer? Start your own blog! Sure, it might not be an easy path, but you can’t at least do it. There are more possibilities now. There are fewer limitations. And perhaps instead of limiting our selves as content creators, we don’t have to subscribe to the idea of being pigeonholed and just create content that we want to create. Viewers will eventually understand that every video might not be exactly what they are looking for. No problem, they can tune in another day.
Find Your Freedom,


2.8.19 | CA


A different kind of COURAGE

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I was watching an episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast when he had Henry Rollins as a guest. If you don’t know who he is, he was the vocalist for Black Flag. They were talking about their inability to work a traditional job. It was a relief to hear that from other people who found success in taking a non traditional path in life. When I was going through one of my spiritual trainings, my teacher told me that working for others would never really work for me. It rang true. I’ve had many jobs and I would either get bored really quickly because there was no longer any room for growth or I would have an issue with whomever was in charge. Henry Rollins mentioned how he didn’t have the courage to just grind it out in a job he hated. I thought that was an interesting way to put it. I quickly realized, I too do not have the courage to just grind it out in doing something I despise. I just can’t. Feel free to judge me, I don’t really care, but I just know myself very well. I’m not better or worse. I’m just me.

Henry Rollins went on to say how he admired those who had the courage to just grind it out, regardless if they liked what they were doing. I admire those who can do that as well, but I would always hope that people doing that eventually shift towards their truth. Anyway, I do believe there is a different kind of courage. It’s the courage to be a pioneer, to go off in your own direction. It’s scary, but this is all I know. I have had so many jobs and it literally feels painful thinking about returning to those jobs. Joe Rogan mentioned how he was doing construction and he felt like he was being poisoned. That felt so good to hear because he has male energy written all over him, yet he is living such an unconventional lifestyle. He does commentary for the UFC, has a podcast and is a stand up comedian. It’s just felt good to hear that because most of what you hear in life is to just suck it up. We are told that as an adult – LIFE SUCKS. I have experienced this, but I knew there was more to life than boredom or a varying degree of despair.

How about LIFE IS AMAZING? Now that is something I can subscribe to. Sure, there are ups and down no matter what, life isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to be mediocre or bad.   Life is going to hand you a plate and you either work with whatever you have on your plate or you get yourself a new one. I don’t have the courage to just take the plate I got and ride it out. I do, however, have the courage to get myself a new plate. A plate that represents me and what I love. It isn’t easy, just like how showing up to a job you hate is, but I’m more than happy to take the risk and embrace the unknown…

Find Your Freedom,

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