Psychic School or Cult?

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I know some people have thought it, because I certainly felt the energy over the years. As I have become more comfortable telling people that I went to a psychic school, I’m sure people think it is pretty strange and unusual. And to be honest, it is very different, but I learned more at the psychic school I went to the than the high school I went to.

If you are learning how to see mental image pictures, wave your hands around other people to “heal” them and “read” energy then you must be crazy dude. From an outside perspective, I get it. It’s weird and that is fine, because I am weird, but I love myself. I am okay with my weird.

This blog isn’t to try to prove being psychic is real. I think with anything in life, you have to follow your truth regardless how many people disapprove of it. What I got out of going to a psychic school was turning my abilities back on – such as feeling energy, hearing, seeing and knowing energy. I think people who are not into this could relate to feeling energy or feeling “vibes” but anything beyond that, I seem to lose people.

I focused on clairvoyance, the ability to see yourself, others and the world with clarity. Sounds terrible right? With clairvoyance you can start to see colors, symbols and mental image pictures. When I meditate, I work with colors and mental image pictures quite a lot. Because of clairvoyance I was able to discover so much about myself including who I am and what my dreams are. So there you have it, it must have been a cult… (lol)

I am confident about who I am, what my dreams are and the direction I am heading in my life. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I perfect or have everything absolutely figured out, but how many people do you know who can answer those questions with certainty?

Being psychic isn’t about guessing the number you are thinking, predicting the future or any of that dumb shit you see on TV. It’s how you perceive energy. It is about your intuition. It is about your creativity. All the things that most traditional schools take a shit on.

Yes I am psychic; I can feel energy, hear energy, see energy and know energy. No… I was not in a cult. I went to a psychic school where I learned about myself in a way that most people will never. I learned to heal myself, respect myself and see my self worth. I am sensitive, creative and very intuitive. I love who I am and I love this crazy ass life I’m living.


12/12/18 | CA


City of Growth

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Chicago is hands down my favorite city in the United States. I say United States simply because I have not traveled abroad yet (keyword: yet). Despite growing up near Philly, I only went into the city for concerts and sporting events, so when I moved to Chicago for art school, I experienced culture shock. The trains, busses, noise, scents, people, taxis, big buildings – they all were very much overwhelming to me. Even though it was a huge growth period for me, I fell in love with Chicago.

The city of Chicago will always be known as the city of growth to me. It is the first place I went without family or friends. It is where I learned to heal myself and gained a lot of clarity about my truth. I experienced many growth periods there and I am grateful for all of them.

I’m currently in a big growth period. My wife and I are about to leave New Jersey and head to the outskirts of Chicago. Knowing that we will be in the midwest very soon stimulates various experiences from my time there. I will never forget the time I ascended the subway and made my way to ground level, looking up at all the buildings. I felt incredibly alive. I met so many awesome people at Columbia College and later on at InVision. My experiences in Chicago have truly shaped the man I am today.

I miss the energy of Chicago. I miss the pace of life there. I miss the abundance of opportunity. I miss the sound of the trains and I miss walking out to the lake. Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart and I am excited to be see the city again very soon.

It is always interesting to return to a place you have been before. It is never quite the same because you know you have changed. I expect things will not feel the same way I did when I was last in Chicago. I do, however, anticipate more growth. I look forward to growing our brand and kicking ass. As much as I love this city, this visit is well, just a visit. When it starts to get cold, we will cary on into the unknown.

Find Your Freedom,

6.21.18 | NJ


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