It Starts with Self Belief

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If you don’t believe it is possible, then how are you going to start the process of manifesting it? If you are not able to visualize it, to see it with your minds eye – how will you weave your dream into reality? Let’s back it up though, because it all starts with self belief.

Doubt and invalidation interfere with ones ability to believe in themself. Imagine what someone could do in a life-time if they believed in who they are and their abilities. Not only that what if they could see their dream clearly. To take it step further, what if they were relentless. No matter what, they would push forward. To manifest a dream, well… that to me is a miracle.

You see, creating in spirit is easy. Creating in spirit is instantaneous. The big factor is that we live in a dense vibration. Energy moves more slowly and therefore, it takes time for things to manifest. It is through commitment, we can learn patience. Not only that, we go through stages of believing in ourselves.

Right before we begin a project we might have all this optimism, but as we move through the process we are tested and challenged. Those invalidations and limitations will present themselves as roadblocks saying “you can’t go any further, you are not capable,” but if you carry on and breakthrough – you enter a new stage of self belief. Your optimism at the beginning is stimulated once again and you continue on your path until you hit another obstacle.

When you listen to successful people, usually they will mention how they believed in themselves. That is where it starts. So how do you work on believing in yourself? Well, I think it is good to know yourself first. If you know who you are and know your truth then you have a good foundation to build self belief. Maybe I should rename this blog to “it starts with knowing yourself…”

Self belief has a lot to do with your crown chakra (7th) and your connection to your higher-self. If you can clear out the bullshit between you and your higher self, then the energy will definitely start shifting. I should probably make a youtube video on how to do this. A good starting point though would be the ‘Art of Meditation I’ playlist on the Souls Gone Wild youtube channel. The last video in that series is on connecting with your higher self.

Most people may understand when we talk about the heart and the mind. We have all heard the phrase, follow your heart, but you usually don’t hear about the higher-self, maybe only if you are involved in the spiritual community. The average person doesn’t know what the higher-self is. This is what I follow. I let my higher-self lead. For me that usually means me taking risks, going into the unknown and experiencing a lot of growth.

What is that crazy thing that you would love to do? Now, what if you believed in that? What if you believed you could do it? What do you think it would feel like when you achieve it?

Find Your Freedom,


4/4/19 | AZ



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Some days impossible

Some days possible

I’m in and out of my energy

But I know this won’t be the death of me

Growing taller, becoming stronger

Weaving dreams into reality 

If it all was handed to me

I would learn nothing

The struggle is where I find my strength

When success strikes, gratitude will be born

I will wash away all the pain

But I’m a dream weaver

I’m a mountain climber

Destroying doubt has become a hobby

If you only opened your eye

Maybe you could see

What you could do, who you could be

And maybe then you would believe



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You have an idea, but then you think, nah, that’s not possible for me. Only the lucky few are capable of achieving something like this. There’s no point in trying…

If you don’t even believe in your dream and don’t believe in yourself, how will you go on to achieve what you desire? It’s easy to get discouraged by competition, fear, the magnitude of the dream, anxiety, judgement, rejection, etc. I always think that talent and luck can be factors in accomplishing goals, but I also think that those who are persistent will inevitably break through the wall. What is this wall you speak of? Well, in simple terms, its the energy between you and your dream.

I remember a long time ago I was at a recruiters office for some military branch and they asked my friend and I if we thought leadership was something that could be learned or if it was something that someone just had within them. I think I recall saying that I believed that leaders were just born with that quality and I still believe that, but at the same time, I do think that anything can be learned.

For example, some people can just pick up an instrument and just play, while others it takes a long time to get good at it. That doesn’t mean that the person who isn’t a natural can’t ever become as good or better of a musician than the other person. The point I am trying to make here is that, we all may have ideas in our heads that excite our hearts, but we don’t even give a real chance because we don’t think it is possible. It’s only for the lucky few right? I call bullshit. If you can day dream about what you really want to do -Nike that shit. Just do it. Most likely you will suck at first. Keep the train on the tracks and eventually you will hit a wall. It will feel like the end of the world. Keep moving forward and that wall will give. It tends to get worse before it gets really good sometimes. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dream. You drink water and eat food to satisfy the needs of your body. What about your soul?