Psychic School or Cult?

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I know some people have thought it, because I certainly felt the energy over the years. As I have become more comfortable telling people that I went to a psychic school, I’m sure people think it is pretty strange and unusual. And to be honest, it is very different, but I learned more at the psychic school I went to the than the high school I went to.

If you are learning how to see mental image pictures, wave your hands around other people to “heal” them and “read” energy then you must be crazy dude. From an outside perspective, I get it. It’s weird and that is fine, because I am weird, but I love myself. I am okay with my weird.

This blog isn’t to try to prove being psychic is real. I think with anything in life, you have to follow your truth regardless how many people disapprove of it. What I got out of going to a psychic school was turning my abilities back on – such as feeling energy, hearing, seeing and knowing energy. I think people who are not into this could relate to feeling energy or feeling “vibes” but anything beyond that, I seem to lose people.

I focused on clairvoyance, the ability to see yourself, others and the world with clarity. Sounds terrible right? With clairvoyance you can start to see colors, symbols and mental image pictures. When I meditate, I work with colors and mental image pictures quite a lot. Because of clairvoyance I was able to discover so much about myself including who I am and what my dreams are. So there you have it, it must have been a cult… (lol)

I am confident about who I am, what my dreams are and the direction I am heading in my life. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I perfect or have everything absolutely figured out, but how many people do you know who can answer those questions with certainty?

Being psychic isn’t about guessing the number you are thinking, predicting the future or any of that dumb shit you see on TV. It’s how you perceive energy. It is about your intuition. It is about your creativity. All the things that most traditional schools take a shit on.

Yes I am psychic; I can feel energy, hear energy, see energy and know energy. No… I was not in a cult. I went to a psychic school where I learned about myself in a way that most people will never. I learned to heal myself, respect myself and see my self worth. I am sensitive, creative and very intuitive. I love who I am and I love this crazy ass life I’m living.


12/12/18 | CA


Healing your Memories

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We all have a few memories that contain a lot of resistance. Maybe it is something someone said or something they did. It could be as simple as a conversation or something very traumatic. Despite the experience being in the past, you still have a memory with negative energy attached to it. The usual suspects are pain, punishment and invalidation. Now, if you have a memory that you never healed from, for example, you never found forgiveness or neutrality, then a good question to ask is, how is that memory still impacting your life today?

Do you have issues with getting safe and grounded? Do you have difficulty trusting yourself and others? If you have a recurring issue arise throughout your life, it is possible that you may have a particular memory that has not been cleared. Finding your freedom is like peeling back the layers of an onion. There may be numerous memories that you have look through before finding the root cause. This is usually not a fun and easy process. Normally we just want to forget the pain and move on, but sometimes it is necessary going all the way back in time and confronting it. The healing is not so much about forgetting, but is about de-charging the core memory. Letting go all the resistance, pain and invalidation can be a great relief and even life changing. Some tools that help with the healing process are forgiveness, neutrality and amusement. 

All healing is self-healing. When I do energy work with clients all I am doing is working with the energy of forgiveness and giving them permission to release. It is up to the client on how much they are willing to let go. Coming to a point where you can find forgiveness, acceptance and amusement with a dark time in your life can seem impossible and maybe even absurd, but healing is a choice. You can remain in the role of a victim or you can you build up your courage, overcome and take back your personal power. I believe in the human spirit. I believe that we are all stronger than our greatest limitation. It is just a matter of finding that inner strength. Maybe you don’t have anyone in your life that believes in you, but you can believe in yourself.

Find Your Freedom,


5.17.18 | NJ


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We have a tendency to search outside of ourselves for our answers. Maybe it’s the priest, your mother, or a book. Theres nothing wrong with going to someone for help, but there is a difference between someone trying to help you using neutrality versus someone telling you what you should do. We often hear, well if I were you, I would do this… The thing is, they are not you and your life is not theirs. What does is it mean to seek help in someone who is neutral? Well, maybe they offer you tools so you can better find your answers or they may just be there to listen. They may simply ask questions that end up helping you find clarity. So to make it clear, I think there is absolutely no problem asking for help, but there is another way to find your answers.

There is a world that exists within yourself, an internal landscape – your energy system. Your energy system is comprised of chakras and channels. A chakra is an energy center that sends and receives information. There are seven major chakras in your body. Your chakras are very much associated with your skills and abilities. For example, your first chakra (root chakra) is associated with your ability to provide for yourself and others. Aside from chakras, there are channels in your energy system. These channels simply connect all of your chakras in your body, so that energy can flow naturally. Channel are like rivers. When they are clear, energy moves through with ease. When there is a block in your energy system, it is kind of like a dam. Everything gets held up. Movement is restricted and you will start to notice it in your everyday life. 

Your energy system is like a motherboard in a computer. Then there is software which consists of applications and programs. In regards to your energy system, the big question is – are you running on your programs or someone elses programs? Another way to put would be, your truth versus someone elses truth. When you start to wakeup and begin to direct your attention to within yourself, it becomes an energy game. You start to feel, hear, see and know your energy and others energies. When you have a strong sense of your energy, embrace it and make it number one – a shift begins to happen. A chakra emits a layer of your aura. Your aura is that energy field around your physical body. Some call it their personal bubble or space, but essentially it is your reality, what is REAL for you. Now, if you start to make your energy number one in a chakra, the layer of your aura that it emits will be affected. Change happens from within and slowly over time, your transformation will manifest. 

Something interesting happens when you go within and embrace your energy. You start to develop a relationship with your higher-self. Your higher-self is there to guide you. It is the parent aspect of your soul willing to hold your hand as you walk the path of your truth. When your energy system is running on other peoples energy or programs, it is difficult for your higher-self to direct you, but when you are in agreement with your own energy, it is much easier for that wise part of you to lead you. Going within and connecting with my higher-self is my primary way of getting my answers. It is not the only way, but it is my go to. 

Meditation, healing and self-discovery are all about going within to that profound and remarkable internal landscape. You may encounter some bumps on your journey. You may run into darkness and you may revisit some difficult memories or your past, but when you arm yourself with light, forgiveness and neutrality – you embrace the art of self-mastery. 

Find Your Freedom,


5.15.18 | NJ

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You have an idea, but then you think, nah, that’s not possible for me. Only the lucky few are capable of achieving something like this. There’s no point in trying…

If you don’t even believe in your dream and don’t believe in yourself, how will you go on to achieve what you desire? It’s easy to get discouraged by competition, fear, the magnitude of the dream, anxiety, judgement, rejection, etc. I always think that talent and luck can be factors in accomplishing goals, but I also think that those who are persistent will inevitably break through the wall. What is this wall you speak of? Well, in simple terms, its the energy between you and your dream.

I remember a long time ago I was at a recruiters office for some military branch and they asked my friend and I if we thought leadership was something that could be learned or if it was something that someone just had within them. I think I recall saying that I believed that leaders were just born with that quality and I still believe that, but at the same time, I do think that anything can be learned.

For example, some people can just pick up an instrument and just play, while others it takes a long time to get good at it. That doesn’t mean that the person who isn’t a natural can’t ever become as good or better of a musician than the other person. The point I am trying to make here is that, we all may have ideas in our heads that excite our hearts, but we don’t even give a real chance because we don’t think it is possible. It’s only for the lucky few right? I call bullshit. If you can day dream about what you really want to do -Nike that shit. Just do it. Most likely you will suck at first. Keep the train on the tracks and eventually you will hit a wall. It will feel like the end of the world. Keep moving forward and that wall will give. It tends to get worse before it gets really good sometimes. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dream. You drink water and eat food to satisfy the needs of your body. What about your soul?



Getting Safe, Getting Grounded

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Along my spiritual journey I have come to understand the importance of grounding. What is grounding?

Grounding is a connection from your 1st chakra (root chakra) all the way to the center of the earth. Being grounding not only gets your body safe, but it is also a way for you to release negative energy.  Here is a link to a free video where I teach grounding.

Without safety it is difficult to build and shape an authentic life. When I was homeless in California for three months, even though I didn’t have my own home to go to, I did have various shelters I could go to. I did have ways access food and water. While the quality of my safety and survival was not very good, my basic needs were met. Due to having minimal to no responsibility, I was able to experience a great deal of freedom. My goal is to retain that, just with a stronger and healthier grounding.

There were actually times when I did have my own apartment, but failed to keep a job and because of that, fear and anxiety really took over. I felt less safe during that time period then when I was homeless in California. Of course, there are many emotions when first becoming homeless, however, once you get used to it, it really isn’t that bad.

As a clairvoyant I can see different types of grounding cords. Does this person ground themselves or are they somehow dependent upon someone else? Does this person live and stay one one general place? Do they have a home base and travel? Do they travel full-time? Is this person very independent? Is this person a multi-millionaire? It is easy to tell how a person lives from their grounding.

Our grounding may shift in vibration when doing different types of activities; work, travel, creative projects, etc. What happens though, if you transform your grounding? What happens if your roots wither away and a new way grounding is created? The idea of this may be frightening, but for me it is incredibly exciting. I love transformation.

What if a new way grounding meant feeling more real? What if a new way of grounding meant being seen? What if a new way grounding meant a whole new way of communicating?

Just because you have your grounding set, does not mean it may never change, but when you do have your grounding the way you want, you can begin to build and shape your life. When your foundation is solid, you feel safe and have a general degree of certainty. Then it becomes easier to focus on other aspects of your life. When you are safe, you have more permission to have your abilities turned on. What abilities? Your ability to be seen, to be heard, to speak well, to have love…

You get the picture…

Get safe, be real.