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I see this term being thrown around a lot lately…. I don’t want to be a social media influencer though. I just like creating and sharing. If you like it – great, if you don’t – no problem. If I have an opportunity to work with a brand that I like and aligns to what we are doing, then I have no problem with that. I would prefer though to make money from google ads, supporters of the podcast and patreon.

There was a time when there weren’t ads on social media nor was there “social media influencers” doing ads on their content. On one hand it is nice that people can be self employed and on another hand it is just another platform for more ads to be shoved into your face. It is like my love / hate relationship with technology and the internet. There are pros and cons.

It is nice to discover a product I am interested in from a creator on youtube, especially if it is a product that is related to what the creator normally talks about. Quite often though that is not the case. It is a norm to see many popular you tubers doing ads for companies that have nothing to do with them. For example, if we did an ad for a really good yoga mat, that would make sense – we do make yoga and mediation videos. But, if we did an ad for Dorito chips, that wouldn’t really make sense considering that I don’t even eat them anymore nor does it have anything to do with the content we create.

I understand the need to work with brands to sustain their career and lifestyle as a creator. I get it. I am open and willing to do it too, as long as it makes sense. I think I would feel like an idiot trying to sell some product I didn’t use, care about or believe in. If it had something to do with camera gear or something related to recreational vehicles then yeah, that makes sense to me.

I think there is nothing wrong with developing relationships with brands and presenting services or products on YouTube or other platforms, but where do you draw the line? Are the brands you are working with in alignment to your own brand or personal beliefs? I guess this comes down to the dollar signs in front of your eyes or integrity.

So, do I consider myself a social media influencer? No. I don’t even have enough followers to be considered anyway. I just want to evolve as a creator and make better content. Plain and simple.


3/23/19 | AZ


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I have experimented in the past with taking breaks from social media. It’s nice. I’m starting to feel it is time to do that again. But, um, Andrew… you are in the process of building your brand USING social media. 

This is very true. I won’t be really stepping away from social media, but I will be stepping away from my personal accounts. I will still be actively posting on our business accounts. It’s just too much having both. I catch myself just scrolling through the various platforms and wasting a lot of time. Time is important to me. That is time I could be resting, meditating, going for a walk, reading a book…

I love social media. It makes it easier to connect. But, it is also a lot of noise. Noise I just don’t have time for now. Teaching, making videos, photography, practicing vocals, setting up events for Souls Gone Wild, focusing on my health – that is where I need more of my energy at. 

I have created a new daily routine for myself and in some ways I am having success and in other ways I’m failing miserably – haha. I’m committed though. It’s going to take me some time to breakthrough and make this work and I’m okay with that. Most of my life I have been a night owl. I remember in college I got most of my writing done late at night when most people were out partying. As I get older though I like the idea of waking up early before most people and getting a bunch of tasks accomplished. I’ve noticed that if I push things off for later in the day, I usually won’t get to it. 

I have a love /  hate relationship with technology, the internet and social media. It can be very helpful but also time wasting and addictive. So as far as my personal accounts go, I’m stepping away. Phew! I feel better already. Souls Gone Wild will still be on social media. The blogs, the pictures, videos and events will still be shared 🙂

Find Your Freedom,


7.26.18 | IL


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