Violent Violet

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In the storm, there is nothing of the norm
Pushing through, to see the bigger view
I breathe deep inside, to remember I am alive
Pushing happiness off in the future
Might as well always be a loser
It is right here in this moment
In the thickness, in the ugly growth
When I feel like a wasteland
I know I’m just growing as a man
The flies will clear and so will the fear
The sun will show its face
And so shall I
Oh, this wild ride
The violet is violent
Like lightning striking me
Just another growth period
And soon again I will see
Revolution is in my spirit
It is loud, can you hear it?
My light will shine more bright
Do you see your dreams, are you willing to fight?
To fight for what is true for you?
It is beautiful in the aftermath
But can you see beauty in this violent view?



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Storm of Grief

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I look back from where I came

And many may question if I am sane

But this risk for me was like water to a flower

Remain the same or deal with the growing pains

Crossing the bridge was a boost in personal power

A storm of grief hits like thunder and lightning

I watch it pass, minute to minute, hour after hour

Crash, bang and boom – the shock so frightening

The recent past, buried under a stone I mourn before

But deeper into myself I get to explore

Battle after battle I advance in the war

the fight for freedom at every level

Creativity will transform 

With the passing of grief

The passing of this storm


5.4.18 | NJ

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In the loss, before the birth

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And the ambient music brings the grief sitting upon my heart front and center

Did my eye see you swimming in the future? Well the future is now…

And somehow all this violet has caused an uproar, has caused a riot

All the leaves are leaving me, should I be worried?

I mourn what once was and in the loss, before my next birth

Cool colors, I feel my heart in the icy waters

Oh brothers, has your face gone sad?

Down the path known as the unknown?

I look forward to what will be and in the excitement, after my next birth

Would you recognize me with a smile?

Would you see me as I am, or will it take a while?

All the love that will replace my resistance

Wind flowing through my hair, skin soaking up the sun

The man I was, the man I become