Being Wild

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There tends to be a lot of fear around traveling for people. It’s not that I don’t experience fear, it’s just that my affinity usually drowns out the anxiety. Since I left my hometown in 2006, I have moved around the United States a lot and from my travels and short experience living in a RV, I find that most people I come across are kind. I reached out to a few places to see if there was an opportunity to offer my services and to teach in their space. There were two places that were interested and then it was just a matter of showing up and meeting in person. It is really refreshing how welcoming people can be. It makes me even more excited for all the people that I will get to meet on our adventures!

Things are unfolding for us as teachers and for our new brand. The transition from our old business to our new business has been terrifying and exhilarating. This is still just the beginning, but I am happy with where we are at. I am also happy with where we are headed, despite not knowing how it all will unfold. 

I’m uncomfortable, but I’m happy. Learning to do yoga is helping me open up. Teaching meditation is helping me open up. I’m very uncomfortable, but I’m getting comfortable with that. I don’t care if I make mistakes. I do care if I am learning. For me, magic is not in the very well planned out life. Magic is in the moment. The other day I came home from a yoga class and I was listening to music. I got inspired to just stand out by the field we are parked near and watch the sun set. I felt very present, like nothing else mattered except that moment. It’s relief to not give a shit with what happened in the past or what I may be anxious about in the future. That is what I love and what I live for. 

We created Souls Gone Wild because we love to teach and to travel. At the end of my life, I won’t be counting all the things that I bought, I will be remembering all the amazing experiences I had. I will remember the people that touched my life and the lives that I impacted. Being wild is about embracing your freedom, whatever freedom means for you. For me, being wild is not about getting drunk or high and being reckless. For us, it means to travel and to have new experiences. From teaching a workshop, to hanging 300 feet in the air or just standing by a field, present and aware in my body. This is what it means for me to be wild at the moment, but I do believe that as we continue this journey, things will just get crazier. Check out our youtube channel and follow our journey!

Find Your Freedom,

Andrew 7.6.18 | IL


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In the loss, before the birth

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And the ambient music brings the grief sitting upon my heart front and center

Did my eye see you swimming in the future? Well the future is now…

And somehow all this violet has caused an uproar, has caused a riot

All the leaves are leaving me, should I be worried?

I mourn what once was and in the loss, before my next birth

Cool colors, I feel my heart in the icy waters

Oh brothers, has your face gone sad?

Down the path known as the unknown?

I look forward to what will be and in the excitement, after my next birth

Would you recognize me with a smile?

Would you see me as I am, or will it take a while?

All the love that will replace my resistance

Wind flowing through my hair, skin soaking up the sun

The man I was, the man I become