What Color is your Dream?

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this dream I don’t dream anymore
has it fell upon my feet?
From the sky to the floor…
The dream is here as I walk in the street

What death made this possible?
The grief of an ending
But this is just the beginning
My world is changing
The mountains are getting bigger
I am alive, I am stronger
Navigating this wild life

In my heart I feel something extraordinary
Boredom washes away from my skin
As the energy of forgiveness sinks in
I stare out the eyes, for I am not the body
Just an old creative soul wanting to entertain everybody

Have you stood still to feel yourself present?
Have you locked in your heart?
Have you made such a descent?
That a smile in the day is promising

What dream is yours
What to experience, what to explore
like a creator out there, are you not one?
What world would you paint for yourself
Go on and paint it
What color is your dream?
Aren’t you dreaming in color?


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Driving to my Dreams

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On the road, is this my home?
Driving down the highway, I’m not alone
And with my higher-self up above, I’m in my zone
I find myself content, I find myself happy
Not another place I would rather be
Than in the drivers seat and feeling free
Would you believe it to work?
Would you believe it be okay?
Don’t take the risk, some may say…
But I trust and I must…
Drive to all my dreams
And some are jealous, some are inspired
Just know I’m not perfect, I just have this fire
I’m hardwired to never stop
Until I experience my dreams in my skin
A master in the spiritual sky
But I think it is time to sink in
My heart and my eyes
To feel and to see
To drive to all my dreams


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So what I see is a crazy fucked up world
Beautiful as a pearl
Tornados, hurricanes, my mind whirls
Poverty, don’t bother me, no apology
Survival of the fittest, quick witted
Who’s the richest? Do I need to be admitted?
Crazy or psychic? Flight or fight it?
School shootings become the new normal
Twitter rants from the president
Fake news? I’ve become so hesitant
Go to school and load up on debt
Start your life with a ball and chain
Smile for the camera, say instant regret
Mid-life crisis, isis, low wages, high prices
But I gotta say I see more than that
Because in the aftermath of a firestorm
New life is born, creative flow after you mourn
Friendship, love and peace
North and South Korea finally meet
in the middle there is neutrality
Forgiveness, compassion – it can happen
When dreams become real
Inspiration rains for the rest
New growth and new deals
Sobriety to finally feel
Grounded and everything is real
I open my eye and I can see
Clairvoyantly, I believe in energy
Not just the negative, but positivity
This dichotomy.


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